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  • What was life like in Belfast 100 years ago? Take a look at Dr Olwen Purdue's BBC slideshow and podcast on the Belfast workhouse
  • Interested in the Easter Rising? Listen to the esteemed Dr Fearghal McGarry discuss the event
  • What do you know about the Troubles and the Good Friday Agreement? Check out a lecture by Dr Stuart Aveyard on the subject
  • Looking for an interesting book to read? Check out the review of Cliona Rattigan's 'What else could I do?'
  • Our Head of School talks about the Famine. Have a listen
  • Here's some info for those interested in WWII in Northern Ireland
  • Read about 19th-century emigration
  • Watch our Professor Liam Kennedy on Canadian tv
  • Read about Queen Victoria and her visit to Ireland in August 1849
  • Learn about the Williamite Wars
  • Read about women at Queen's College Belfast in the early 20th century

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