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Engagement Monitoring for Academic Staff Members

Student Route Engagement Monitoring

Queen’s University Belfast holds a licence to sponsor international students to come to the University to study. With this licence come responsibilities and obligations and a range of specific duties which we must adhere to as an institution. These sponsorship duties are closely monitored by UKVI and are subject to audit.

International Student Support (ISS) has central oversight of the University’s compliance and its obligations under the Student Route (formally Tier 4). There are some matters that are devolved locally to Schools, such as monitoring the engagement of sponsored students.

Setting Contact Points

Engagement monitoring of students holding a visa is achieved through setting a series of specific contact points throughout the academic year. The number of contact points set will depend on the level of study of the student, and the type of contact will depend on the course of study. These are as follows:

UG students Once every two weeks
PGT students

During taught modules: once every two weeks

During research modules: once a month 

Whilst undertaking their dissertation: once a month 

PGR students Once a month 

Students will not be made aware which sessions have been set by their School as designated contact points. 

A Guide for Academic Staff Members

In parallel to the roll out of the new Engagement Monitoring Policy the Digital Transformation Team has developed a dedicated App and QR codes as one method of data capture. The new process requires a QR code to be presented at selected lectures or small group teaching and scanned by Student Route (formerly Tier 4) students to register their attendance. 

If your module has been selected by your school as a contact point, you will receive an email the working day before your lecture / session.

This email will contain the following information: 

  • The Event Name 
  • The Event ID 
  • The date or date range the QR code is valid for 
  • The QR code that you need to display in your lecture
  • A link to the app to allow you to register attendance on behalf of students if they are unable to do so themselves
  • A link to instructions on how to use the app 

You will also be sent a reminder via MS Teams on the morning of your lecture. 

Displaying the QR Code

QR Codes
Instructions for displaying the QR Code
  • The preferred method is to include the QR Code in a slide at the start of your presentation
  • The QR code should be as large as possible to aid scanning from a distance
  • Alternatively, you can print out copies of the QR code or display on a laptop and invite sponsored students to come forward to scan  

Important Information

Please note the following important information:

  • A new QR code is required for each module selected every week
  • The QR code will expire at 9pm on the day of the lecture
  • In some cases, a QR Code may be valid for a range of dates if there are multiple sessions run over the week. In this case the email subject will indicate the 'from' and 'to' date it is valid, and it will expire at 9pm on the 'to' date
  • A QR code only expires for student scans - this is to aid the prevention of abuse of the system. However, academics and administrators can still register student attendance after the expiry date and time 

Registering Attendance on Behalf of a Student

Registering Attendance
How to Register Attendance on Behalf of a Student
  • If students have issues scanning the QR code, you can record their attendance or pass the information to the School to manage
  • To record it in your lecture, you can either scan the QR Code or click on the link provided in the specific module email sent to you
  • You can then enter the name or student number of the student who has attended. Select the correct student and hit 'Submit'

Please note that the ‘Submit’ button will not become active until you have selected a student.

If you are copying and pasting the student number, please ensure that there are no spaces as this will prevent a match. 

Student Route Engagement Monitoring Presentation

Student Route Engagement Monitoring
Guide for Academic Staff Members

View the Student Route Engagement Monitoring Guide for Academic Staff Members online presentation:
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Download the Student Route Engagement Monitoring Guide for Academic Staff Members:
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