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BRP Information


Please Note: there will be no BRP collections from Thursday 22 December due to the holiday period.  These will resume as of Wednesday 4 January 2023. 

What is a BRP?

BRP Information
What is a BRP?

A Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is proof of the holder’s right to stay, work or study in the UK. It can also be used as a form of identification e.g. to open a bank account in the UK.

A BRP is the same size as a bank card and is issued by the UKVI. It is a very important document. Please be sure to look after it and keep it in a safe place. 



What does a BRP look like?

BRP Front

1. Holder's Digital Image
2. Holder’s Name
3. Visa Expiry Date
4. Place and Date of Issue of Visa
5. Type of Permit
6. Conditions of Stay & Sponsor Licence Number
7. BRP Number
8. Holder’s Signature

BRP Back

 9.  Biometric Chip
10. Holder’s gender
11. Holder’s date and place of birth
12. Holder’s Nationality
13. Further Conditions of Stay and may include Holder’s National Insurance Number
14. Machine readable zone (MRZ) – this allows information printed on the card to be read by machine

Who gets a BRP?

You will get a BRP if you:

You do not have to apply separately for a BRP. You will automatically get one if your visa or immigration application is approved, or you’re replacing an older document.

What options are available to me for BRP collection?

How do I get my BRP?

*Please Note* - Collection of BRP Cards at QUB

If you have selected Queen's as your BRP collection location our Immigration Compliance Team will contact you by email once your BRP has been delivered to the International Student Support Office and advise you on how to book an appointment so you can collect your BRP.

Collection of BRP cards is by appointment only so please do not come to the office without an appointment.

Please check your visa decision letter or visa checklist to confirm the collection location of your BRP.

BRPs with an expiry date of 31 December 2024

If your BRP card expires on 31 December 2024 but your course finishes at a later date this is not an error and you do not need to report this to UKVI.

Despite your BRP card citing this end date your immigration permission should allow you to stay longer. For confirmation of the dates of your immigration permission, please check your visa decision email (if you applied for your visa in the UK) or your visa decision letter (if you applied for your visa outside the UK). The dates of your immigration permission should cover the full duration of your course + 4 months (2 months if your course duration is less than 12 months).

All BRP's currently valid until 31 December 2024 will not need a BRP from 1 January 2025. You will be able to prove your immigration status online after this date. UKVI will update the information on this webpage in early 2024. Please note that you do not need to do anything and your immigration permission will not be affected.

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