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Extending your Student Visa in the UK

Extending your Student Visa in the UK

The following guidance has been written in line with current UKVI* guidance and is designed to help you understand the process of extending your Student visa inside the UK in three clear steps. You are advised to start preparing for your application at least three months before your current visa expiry date.

*UKVI is UK Visas & Immigration. This is the UK government department responsible for visas and immigration. You will submit your application to UKVI. Your application will be assessed by a UKVI caseworker and UKVI will decide if your visa application is successful.

Step 1: preparing for your Student visa application

Read our guidance document Preparing documents for your Student visa application carefully before continuing to the next step of the process. If you are not able to provide the required documentation, or if your documentation is not acceptable, this is likely to lead to a visa refusal. Our guidance has been carefully checked at the time of publication, however UK immigration guidance is constantly evolving and updating. It is your responsibility to ensure that your visa application complies with current UK Immigration legislation. 

Further guidance on preparing for your application:

Home Office
Read the UKVI Student Visa Guidance
Click Here
International Student Support
Read our guidance document to prepare
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Read the UKCISA Student Visa Guidance
Click Here

Step 2: submitting your online application

Please note that the following information outlines the normal application process before the Covid-19 pandemic. During the current exceptional circumstances of Covid-19, ISS is providing assistance to students remotely via email and MS Teams. We have developed a step-by-step guidance document to help you submit your application remotely yourself. Our ISS immigration advisers are available to check your application remotely before submission and answer any questions you may have. Please also note that after submission, it may not be necessary for you to attend an appointment in person at UKVCAS.  UKVCAS will notify you if you are eligible to download and use UKVI’s “IDV App” to enrol your biometrics information, instead of attending an appointment at UKVCAS in person. Our ISS immigration advisers will be able to give you up-to-date information about the current processes in place.

Step 3: after you submit your online application

Visas & Immigration
V&I Webpage
International Student Support
ISS Webpage