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Immigration Document Check

Immigration Document Check

Immigration Document Check

Once you have been granted your visa and have successfully travelled to the UK to undertake your studies at Queen's University Belfast, you will need to complete an Immigration Document Check as part of the enrolment and registration process.

As part of this process you will be prompted to upload pictures of your current immigration documentation. International Student Support will then check these before allowing you to proceed and complete your registration with our colleagues in Student Registry Services.

Immigration Document Check Process

The year the process will be as follows:
1.  Complete the registration portal steps including the uploading of your immigration documents
2.  We will contact you if we require any further information prior to undertaking the check
3. International Student Compliance will complete your Immigration Document Check once all of the required documentation has been uploaded
You will now be able to proceed and finish the remaining steps of the enrolment and registration process

Important Information:
1. You will not be able to complete your Enrolment & Registration (E&R) until you have arrived in the UK and your Immigration Document Check has been fully completed
2. Please allow at least 3 working days for your Immigration Document Check to be completed once you have uploaded all of the required documents

What Documents do I need to Upload?

How to Upload these Documents

Whilst completing the online registration process you will be prompted to upload your immigration documentation so that we can carry out an Immigration Document Check before enabling you to proceed with your registration.

If you have any additional documentation to upload you can go back into the relevant Qsis page retrospectively to upload these documents.

Document Upload
Simply scan the QR code, click the below button or link to upload your documents:

Upload Documents

Document Naming Conventions when Uploading

Passport: PPT
Visa Decision Letter: VDL
Entry Clearance Vignette: ECV
Stamped Entry Clearance Vignette: ECS
Travel Details: TD
Share Code: SC

Biometric Residence Permit:
If Post Office Collection
Please upload a picture of the front & back of your BRP card once collected

- if both sides uploaded together

BRP (Front) 
BRP (Back) 
- If uploaded separately

Flying Directly to Dublin

Some students may choose to travel to Belfast via Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. Please note that you will need to ensure that you have valid immigration permission to travel to the Republic of Ireland. You will need to retain evidence of the date you entered Northern Ireland where possible and we will need to retain a copy of this for our records. You can find further information on immigration permission for the Republic of Ireland here - Unfortunately we are unable to provide advice on applying for visas for the Republic of Ireland. Further information is also available here -

Visas & Immigration
V&I Webpage
International Student Support
ISS Webpage