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International Visitor Registration

International Visitor Registration

International Visitor Registration
Am I required to register with the police upon arrival?

Find out if you are required to register with the Police upon arrival in Northern Ireland.

Please refer to the below guidance for student sponsors, migrants and short-term students on temporary concessions in response to the outbreak of Coronavirus:

Covid-19 Guidance: Student Sponsors and Migrants and Short-term Students GOV.UK - UK Visas & Registering with the Police UKCISA - Student Conditions

Important Update

Please note that International Visitor Registrations are currently suspended due to the pandemic.

You will be required to self-isolate upon entering the UK and will consequently not be able to register with the Police within 7 days.

Please make contact with the International Visitor Registration Office within 7 days of your quarantine period finishing, so therefore within 21 days of arrival.

The International Visitor Registration office will take a note of your details and contact you just as soon as the service resumes.

If you need to make an update to your current Police Registration certificate, please consult the below instructions and take the required documentation to the Lisburn Road Police Station.

Countries that need to register with the Police

Afghanistan  China  Kazakhstan  Palestine  Turkey  Bolivia
Algeria Colombia Kirgizstan  Peru  Turkmenistan  Israel 
Argentina Cuba Kuwait Qatar  United Arab Emirates North Korea
Armenia Egypt  Lebanon  Russia  Ukraine  Tunisia 
Azerbaijan  Georgia  Libya  Saudi Arabia Uzbekistan  Oman 
Bahrain Iran  Moldova  Sudan Yemen  Jordan 
Belarus Iraq  Morocco  Syria  Tajikistan  Brazil

If you are from one of the countries listed above and Police Registration is a condition of your visa you must contact the International Visitor Registration office. If you are required to register, the condition is likely to be printed on your 30-day vignette. Alternatively, if you have been granted leave to remain following an application made in the UK, it might be printed on your biometric residence permit (BRP). If you completed a paper-based immigration application form (rather than an online one) the condition will be included in your letter from the Home Office and not on your visa. If in doubt, please contact

How do I Register?

The Lisburn Road Police Station provides an International Visitor Registration Service.

To register for an appointment please email: 

Please include the below information in your email:
1. Full Name
2. Date of Birth
3. Full address including your postcode and room number (if applicable)
4. Contact telephone number
5. BRP details - if in receipt of this

The International Visitor Registration office will take a note of your details and be in touch just as soon as the service resumes with a date, time and place for the registration to take place.

* Please note if you already have a Police Registration Certificate you will not need to pay for a new one. This can simply be updated at your local Police station. Details on how to do this can be viewed under the 'Registration Certificate Updates' section below.

What do I need to bring?

When you register with the police, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you take the following items with you to your appointment:
1. Passport
2. BRP (visa)
3. Two passport-sized photographs
3. Registration fee - £34 in cash EXACTLY (no debit/credit cards accepted)

You must be able to state:
a. Your full address in Northern Ireland
b. The full title of your course of study at Queen’s University

If you have not yet received your BRP card please let the International Visitor Registration office know when registering your details. You will not incur any penalties as long as you have got in touch to register your information within 21 days of arriving in Northern Ireland. As the service is still suspended you will have time for your BRP to arrive before being contacted by the International Visitor Registration office with a date for your appointment.

Registration Certificate Updates

You will be required to update your existing Police Registration Certificate if you:
1. Change your address
2. Extend your visa
3. Change university
4. Renew your passport
5. Get married
6. If any of the other details on your certificate change 

Please note that no fee will be incurred to update your Police Registration Certificate.

What do I need to bring?

To make a registration certificate update you will need to present:

1. BRP (visa)
- in the absence of a BRP card you will need to provide an education verification letter which can be requested below: 

2. Proof of your UK address
If you require proof of address and you are residing in QUB accommodation you can request a proof of resident letter. You can email to request the forms required to submit this request.

Once completed, please send your form through to the relevant email address outlined below:
Elms BT9: 

Your letter can be collected from the respective site reception. Please note that this process takes approximately 24 hours.

If you are residing in private accommodation please request this information from your landlord or provide a copy of your tenancy agreement to evidence your address.

3. Original Police Registration Certificate (PRC)
- if in receipt of this.

Please attend any operational police station where updates can be provided by staff at the front desk.

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