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Student Immigration Compliance

Student Immigration Compliance

Student Visa Route
What does PBS mean for the University and you?

The Points Based System for immigration is the UK visa system. International students who are not UK or Republic of Ireland nationals and are applying for entry clearance or permission to stay as a student will usually come under the Student visa route.

All non-UK/Irish nationals whose primary purpose is to come to work in the UK or to study for six months or more are now required to score points in different eligibility categories in order to be granted a visa to enter the UK borders.

Immigration Document Check

All non-UK/Irish national students, as part of enrolment and registration here at Queen’s University Belfast, will need to upload pictures or copies of any current immigration documentation. International Student Support staff will then check these before allowing you to proceed and complete your registration with colleagues in Student Registry Services. This year the process will be as follows:

1.  Complete arrival questionnaire emailed to you
2.  Complete registration portal steps including uploading of immigration documents
3.  International Student Support will contact you if they require any further information prior to completing the check
4.  You will receive an email confirming your immigration document check has been completed and you can now proceed and complete your full enrolment and registration

Documents Required for Immigration Document Check

Whilst completing the online registration process you will be prompted to upload your immigration documentation (click the above button for clarification of the documents required) so that we can carry out an Immigration Document Check before enabling you to proceed with your registration. If you have any additional documentation to upload you can go back into the relevant Qsis page retrospectively to upload these documents by clicking on the below button:

Upload Documents

Document Naming Conventions when uploading:
Passport: PPT
Visa Decision Letter: VDL
Entry Clearance Vignette: EC
Stamped Entry Clearance Vignette: ECS

Our Responsibilites

Under the Points Based System the University will be obliged to tell the UK Visas & Immigration department of the Home Office about any new students who:
  • Fail to arrive and enrol at the agreed time for the start of their course;
  • Defer their studies;
  • Take temporary withdrawal/suspend their studies;
  • Withdraw from their studies;
  • Fail to attend their course for significant periods of time;
  • Make significant changes to their studies (e.g. location or length of course)

Your Responsibilities

You will also have responsibilities under this system. You will be expected to:
  • Provide the University with a copy of your immigration documents when you enrol and each time you extend your visa;
  • Keep your address and contact details in Northern Ireland up to date using your Queen's Online account;
  • Tell us if you are not able to arrive at the University at the agreed time;
  • Tell us if you want to defer your studies before you come to the UK;
  • Tell us if you are thinking about withdrawing or suspending your studies;
  • Attend all of your classes. If you cannot attend for any reason you must inform your School;
  • Tell us if you make any formal changes to your studies;
  • Register with the Police (if applicable);
  • Ensure that you do not breach the conditions of your student visa (such as working more time than is permitted or making use of public funds)
Please ensure you fully read the Terms & Conditions for Student Route (formerly Tier 4 (General)) students:

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International Student Support Immigration Advice Agreement:

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Student Visa Information

International Student Support
Student Visa Information: September 2021

Click below to view the International Student Support Student Visa Information online presentation:

Student Visa Information

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