Frequently Asked Questions - While you are here

I need more time to complete my course.  How can I extend my visa?

See our section - Extending your visa in the UK

Can I study part-time?

Most international students cannot study on a part-time basis.  If you want to switch to part-time status you must contact before you make any changes to your studies.  You can also come to the office to discuss this with an International Student Support Officer at our drop-in sessions.

Do I have to register with the Police?

See our section about Police Registration for more information.

I have a Tier 4 visa.  What are my responsibilities?

See our section about Tier 4 of the Points Based System for more information.

I want to get a part-time job while I am studying. Am I allowed?

See our section about Working in the UK for full information about working during your studies.

What happens if I decide to stop studying?

If you are a Tier 4 student and you decide to withdraw from your course, the University will be required to make a report to the Home Office.  You must come to see an International Student Support Officer before you make any changes to your studies.  You can come to see us at a drop-in session.

What should I do if I want to make a change to my course?

If you want to make any changes to your course, for example if the location of your studies will change, if your course title or research area changes, or if you want to do a work placement, you must come to see an International Student Support Officer first.  You can email us at or visit us at a drop-in session.

How can I get a National Insurance number?

See our section about Working in the UK for further information.

I want to travel outside of the UK.  What are the requirements?

Please see our Visas for Travelling section for full information.

I am not a native English speaker.  Can I use an English language dictionary during my exam?

If you are a non-graduating student (i.e. ERASMUS/Study Abroad or CENG) you will be permitted to take an unmarked language dictionary into the examination halls. You will also be allowed an extra 10 minutes per hour of examination (e.g. an extra 25 minutes in a 2½ hour examination).  You will need a letter provided by the Erasmus and Study Abroad co-ordinator to confirm this to the Invigilators at the examination.  If you do not have a copy of this letter, please contact the erasmus team

I you have a legitimate reason why you believe you need extra time to complete your coursework or your examinations, contact your tutor or adviser of studies in your School.  Please note that you will not automatically be granted any extra time, and may have to provide a detailed statement providing reasons why you believe you should be granted the extra time.

I want to invite my friend to visit me in Belfast.  What should I do?

See our Dependants section for further information.

What happens if I don't attend my classes?

All students are expected to attend all of their classes, lectures, seminars and tutorials.  In the case of Tier 4 students, the University is required to monitor your academic participation.  If you cannot attend class for any reason, for example if you are sick, you must let your School know as soon as possible.  If you need to be absent for a reason other than sickness, you must contact your School to seek permission before you take an absence.

If you are absent from your studies without having been reasonably granted permission, you will have taken an unauthorised absence.  If you are a Tier 4 student, the University is required to report repeated unauthorised absences to the Home Office.