Republic of Ireland

Embassy address: Embassy of Ireland
Visa Office
114a Cromwell Road
SW7 4ES 
Telephone number: 
Email: Please use contact form on Embassy Website 
Visa Applications: 
Validity remaining on Passport: At least 6 months longer than the visa applied for. 
Other Passport requirements: A blank page for the visa sticker. 
Student Visa validity: Evidence of permission to reside in the UK.  Must be valid for at least 3 months longer than the visa applied for. 
Appointment necessary: No Visa applicants who wish to apply for a visa at the Embassy in London must submit their applications on-line before submitting their supporting documents and payment at the Embassy.  Please read the information on the Embassy Website carefully before completing your application.
Application form: Yes Online application only - see Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service Website for more information.
Photographs: Yes 1 recent passport-size colour photograph.
Bank Statements: Yes Original bank statements for the past 3 months showing your name and address, and a maintained credit balance of at least £250.
Department Letter: Yes Confirming student status, attendance, fees and intention to return to Queen's following your visit to Ireland.
Evidence of return tickets: Yes  
Evidence of Hotel booking: Yes Confirmation of accommodation, including address and the exact dates of your stay.
Travel/medical Insurance: Yes Minimum of €30,000, covering emergency medical treatment, hospital treatment, urgent ambulance transportation, repatriation back to your home country/UK if required for medical reasons.
Visa Fee: €60 (£52, subject to exchange rates) for a Single Entry Visa
€100 (£86, subject to exchange rates) for a Multiple-Entry Visa
€25 (£22, subject to exchange rates) for a Transit Visa. 
Payment Method: Banker's Draft or Postal Order only, made payable to the Embassy of Ireland. You may be able to pay online, the summary application form created by the online facility will tell you if you are required to pay online. 
Comments: In addition to the original documents, you should also bring a photocopy of all documents requested (including the application form).

If you are visiting family or friends who live in the Republic of Ireland, you will require an official Letter of Invitation from your host, undertaking to provide you with accommodation during your stay.  You will also require a copy of their passport, and a copy of their Irish Visa or Residence Permit if they are not EU/EEA nationals.  You may also be required to provide evidence of how you know or are related to your host.

For any other FAQs, please visit the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service or International Student Support's Republic of Ireland Travel FAQs.