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Queen’s Accommodation is delighted to announce that we are now accepting applications from Queen's and non-Queen’s students.

Local students starting university or college next month will have the opportunity to live in Queen’s Accommodation – even if they aren’t studying at Queen's University Belfast.

So whether you’re studying at St Mary's University College, Ulster University, Belfast Met or Stranmillis University College or any other further education college you can apply now for one of 3,484 quality rooms in and around campus.

Queen’s students and Non-Queen’s students can view more information and apply today 

Accommodation at Queen's - Frequently Asked Questions

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What about accommodation during Welcome and Orientation?

The residential year for University accommodation begins on Saturday 15 September 2018 if you have taken a 38 week contract. If you are arriving for the International Student Welcome and Orientation, you will be able to apply for a 39 week contract which starts on Saturday 8 September 2018.

What about accommodation for my family?

The University has accommodation for married students and families. All requests for University accommodation for families should be made to the Elms BT9 Reception. The University cannot book private accommodation on behalf of students. However, if you need help to find private accommodation please email International Student Support before you come to Belfast and you will be sent details of how to organise alternative accommodation.

If you cannot arrange accommodation for you and your family before coming to Northern Ireland, you are strongly advised to arrive by yourself and make suitable arrangements for your family to arrive later. A student who has been allocated a room in a Queen’s residence is not permitted to share that room with any unauthorised person. The cost of housing for a family is more expensive than renting a room in a house shared with other students.

Can I stay in University accommodation during the summer?

If you have not arranged to stay in University accommodation and wish to arrange your own accommodation in the private sector, you will be able to stay in University residences during the summer months until 31 August 2018. If you want to stay in University accommodation during the summer you should contact the Student Accommodation Office to discuss this.

What is private rented accommodation?

Private accommodation is not owned or managed by the University. It is owned by a `landlord’ who rents the property. When you rent private accommodation you will sign a contract and have legal obligations. You should be aware that you may have to spend a few weeks looking for somewhere to live before your course or research programme starts.

You can stay in the University residences until 31 August 2019 if you come to Belfast early to look for accommodation. Students who have arranged, or wish to arrange, accommodation in the private sector and require accommodation during Welcome and Orientation week, should contact Queen’s University Accommodation Office to check availability and contact International Student Support, who will be able to help you.

Some useful web resources: Accommodation

Temporary Accommodation

If you are not moving into University accommodation you must book temporary accommodation before you leave home unless you are sure that you can move directly into long-term accommodation on the day you arrive in Belfast.

For hotels or hostels in the University area visit the official visitor website for Northern Ireland

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