Essential things-to-do Checklist

Essential things you will need to do (1) before you leave your home country and (2) when you arrive in the UK:

To do:

(1) Before leaving your home country

(2) When you arrive in the UK

Ensure you and your family have a current valid passport    
Get your CAS Statement from the University and print a copy    
Check your finances to make sure you have enough money in your bank account for 28 days before you apply for your visa    
Apply for your ATAS certificate (*if applicable)    
Pay the Immigration Health Surcharge    
Gather receipts (for any fees or accommodation you may have paid in part or full.  These must be original documents    
Get sponsorship/scholarship letter (to prove you can pay your fees for the first year)    
Get proof of sufficient money to support yourself and your family and evidence that you have enough money to pay your first year of fees (if you are not getting sponsorship/scholarship and haven't paid your fees yet)    
Get marriage and birth certificates (if travelling with your family)    
Get UK passport sized photographs (by a photographer and not printed on a computer)    
Apply for your visa(s) (only do this when you have your CAS statement, finances and ATAS certificate*)    
Make accommodation arrangements (especially if you are bringing your family)    
Make childcare/school arrangements (if you are bringing your family)    
Make travel arrangements to come to the UK    
Buy travel insurance    
Register your details online for the airport welcome service and for Welcome and Orientation    
Prepare if you have any medical requirements
(bring sufficient amount of medications and if you will be studying for less than six months in the UK buy medical insurance)
Luggage (keep a list of everything in your suitcase)    
Pack hand luggage    
Buy GB Sterling (£)     
Make a list of essential contact telephone numbers    
Contact your family    
Pay tuition fees
(if not yet paid)
Submit passport/visa for enrolment and right to study checks  
Complete enrolment and registration  
Pay accommodation fees    
Open a bank account    
Register with the Police    
Register with a Doctor    
Visit your creche/School
(if you are bringing your family)
Find out where to buy food/shop    
Attend your briefing session    
Find out place of worship
(if you practice religion)
Collect your biometric Residence Permit within 10 days of arriving in the UK    

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