The formal acceptance letter has been sent out by email on June 11, 2010, and the authors can download the registration form, copyright form and the templates for preparing the final camera-ready papers after June 12 2010.

All authors who have papers accepted into LSMS & ICSEE 2010 must strictly follow the deadline for submitting your camera-ready papers and making the registration before June 22, 2010. Otherwise, your paper will be not included into the proceedings, which is a mandatory step without exception for any authors.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your support.

The first batch of accepted papers are:



Paper ID Title
33  Towards constraint optimal control of greenhouse climate
228 Numerical simulation of the nutrient and phytoplankton dynamics in the Bohai Sea
229 Dynamic Spectrum and BP Neural Network for Non-invasive Hemoglobin Measurement
245 A Estimation of Distribution Algorithm based on Clayton Copula and Empirical Margins
248 Typhoon Cloud Image Enhancement by Differential Evolution Algorithm and Arc-Tangent Transformation
249 Vibration and Flutter of Wind Turbine Blade Modeled as Anisotropic Thin-Walled Closed-Section Beam
253 Crack Image Enhancement of Track Beam Surface Based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform
269 Periodicity of drought is decreasing in Gansu Province, China
291 A Distributed Decision Making Model for Risk Management of Virtual Enterprise
294 Building Cognitive Model of Intelligent Agent in Virtual Geographical Environment
297 Face Recognition via Two Dimensional Locality Preserving Projection in Frequency Domain
299 Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on Image Fusion
405 Oscillatory Dynamics of a quorum sensing model mediated by small RNAs
407 Research on improved QPSO algorithm based on cooperative evolution with two populations
440 a distance sorting based multiobjective particle swarm optimizer and its applications
556 A General Framework for High-Dimensional Data Reduction Using Unsupervised Bayesian Model
561 Associated-conflict Analysis using Covering Based on Granular Computing
564 Characterization of cerebral infarction in multiple channel EEG recordings based on quantifications
567 ICA-Based Automatic Classification of Magnetic Resonance Images From ADNI Data
690 Adaptive Visual Servoing with Imperfect Camera and Robot Parameters
694 Adaptive synchronization of time-delayed chaotic system and its application to secure
704 Online monitoring of catalyst activity for synthesis of bisphenol A
814 A Combined System for Power Quality Improvement in grid-parallel Microgrids
832 The Inexact Newton Method with Semi Automatic Differentiation
847 Open electrical impedance tomography: computer simulation and system realization
854 An Improved Pyramid Matching Kernel
858 Training Support Vector Data Descriptors Using Converging Linear Particle Swarm Optimization
860 Stabilization Criterion Based on New Lyapunov Functional Candidate for Networked Control Systems
891 Robust Adaptive Trajectory Linearization Control for Supermaneuverable Fighter
894 Development of Constant Current Source for SMA Wires Driver Based on OPA549
896 Power Quality Disturbances Events Recognition based on S-transform and Probabilistic Neural Network
897 EMD-TEO Based Speech Emotion Recognition For Intelligent Emotional Robot
913 The Model following Neural Control Applied to Energy-saving BLDC Air Conditioner System
914 Co-Evolutionary Cultural Based Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
921 Performance Prediction for a Centrifugal Pump with splitter blades Based on BP Artificial Neural Net
931 A Novel Cultural Algorithm and Its Application to the Constrained Optimization in Ammonia Synthesis
933 Inspection of Surface Defects in Copper Strip based on Machine Vision
939 Process Control Operator Functional State Assessment using Adaptive Fuzzy Model
942 high impedance fault location in transmission line using nonlinear frequency analysis
944 A Collision Detection System for an Assistive Robotic Manipulator
949 Characterizing Multiplex Social Dynamics with Autonomy Oriented Computing
953 Pareto ant colony Algorithm for building life cycle energy consumption optimization
975 Stability of Singular Perturbed Differential Equations with Time-Varying
993 Classifying EEG using Incremental Support Vector Machine in BCIs
995 Stabilization for Networked Control Systems with Packet Dropout Based on Average Dwell Time Method
1000 The Theoretical Fundamentals of Statistical Learning Theory Based on Sugeno Measure and Fuzzy Sample
1009 A Feature Points Matching Method Based on the Window Unique Property of Pseudo-random Encoded Image
1023 Analysis and Implementation of FULMS Algorithm Based Active Vibration Control System
1024 Spatial Shape Reconstruction Based On Orthogonal Curvature Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Array
1028 A linear matrix inequality Approach to System Stabilization over Constrained Channels
1029 Stabilization of a Class of Networked Control Systems with Stochastic Properties
1038 NG Based Bandwidth Scheduling and Optimization of Quantum-Inspired Weight Adaptive PSO in a NLCS
1039 Grids-based Data Parallel Computing for Learning Optimization in a Networked Learning Control System
1060 Research on Detection and Material Identification of Particles in the Aerospace Power
1066 Single-Machine Scheduling Problems with Two Agents Competing for Makespan
1073 Direct Nyquist Array Design of PID Controllers for Boiler-turbine Units Based on Gain and Phase Marg
1076 Dynamic Behavior in a Delayed Bioeconomic Model with Stochastic Fluctuations
1093 Particle Swarm Optimization based Clustering: A Comparison of Different Cluster Validity Indices
1098 Clonal Selection Classification Algorithm for High-Dimensional Data
1099 A Robust Featrure-based Registration Method of Multimodal Medical Image Using Phase Congruency
1103 An Artificial Bee Colony with Random Key for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling
1114 Performance analysis of industrial wireless networks based on IEEE 802.15.4a
1122 Predict Molecular Interaction Network of Norway Rats Using Data Integration
1124 Stability Analysis of Multi-Channel MIMO Networked Control Systems
1125 Interactive identification method for Box-Jenkins models
1126 Development and Experimental Study on Simulation System and Control Strategy of Power Source for HEV
1130 A Combined Iteration Method for PLF Calculation Applied to Grid-connected Induction Wind Power Syste
1141 Dynamic Modeling and Distributed Parameter PI Control Based on Temperature Distribution
1146 Batch-to-Batch Iterative Optimal Control of Batch Processes Based on Dynamic Quadratic Criterion
1151 Modified Bacterial Foraging Optimizer for Portfolio Optimization
1164 A coordinated heat and electricity dispatching model for Microgrid operation via PSO
1166 Synchronization of Ghostburster neurons under external electrical stimulation an adaptive approach
1170 Modeling and Simulation of Swallowing Mechanism based on MRI Observation
1186 Fast forward RBF network construction based on particle swarm optimization
1193 Study on Analysis and Design of a Hybrid Controllable Five Bar Mechanism
1219 Content and Context in Digital Photo Retrieval
1221 Supply Chain Network Equilibrium with Profit Sharing Contract Responding to Emergencies
1246 An Optimal Penalty in an Environmental Pollution Game with the Suspension of Production
1252 Stochastic Optimization of Two-stage Multi-item Inventory System with Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
1254 A Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization and Its Application to Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
1255 A Comparison of Performance of Advanced Pattern Recognition Methods for Organic Acid Prediction in B
1256 Research on Nano-Repositioning of Atomic Force Microscopy based on Nano-manipulation
1285 Partitioned Feature-based Classifier Model with Expertise Table
1287 A discrete binary harmony search algorithm
1291 A Modified Binary Differential Evolution Algorithm and Its Applications
1314 Identification of Chiller Model in HVAC System Using Fuzzy Inference Rules with Zadeh's Implication
1336 Study on High-Frequency Digitally Controlled Boost Converter
1339 Pareto-optimal Solutions Based Muti-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Control for Batch Processe
1340 Autonomic Behaviors of Swarm Robots Driven by Emotion and Curiosity
1344 Implementation of the Pattern Matching System to detect Flip Chip PCB Defects
1374 Quantum Genetic Algorithm for Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problems to Minimize Total Completion Time
1376 Boiler Turbine Unit PID Controller tuning with Probability based Binary Particle Swarm Optimization
1377 Modelling and Simulating Dynamic Evolvement of Collective Learning Behaviors by Voronoi Diagram
1378 Adaptive Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Variable Speed Wind Power Systems
1379 Iterative Learning Control based on Integrated Dynamic Quadratic Criterion for Batch Processes
1421 Improved Nonlinear PCA Based on RBF Networks and Principal Curves
1477 Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Networks
1486 Modeling of the Human Bronchial Tree and Simulation of Internal Airflow: A Review