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1845 Challenge - Returning Students

18 things to do in 45 days - Preparing for student life!

Queen's University was founded in 1845. Our challenge sets out a number of activities you can engage in to help re-familiarise yourself with Queen's. 

Get ready for 2022/23 in a fun and easy way!

Engage any time from Friday 5 August onwards. The challenge is flexible, so you can begin, pause, and go back whenever suits you!


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Queen's Challenge You

Whether you are a new student or a returning student, it is important to keep up-to-date on all new information related to learning at Queen's this year. From studying to student life, volunteering to sports, we've got the basics covered!

Challenges 1 to 6


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1. Queen’s Online

Get off to a good start

Familiarise yourself with Queen’s online platforms and QSIS, learn to navigate and tour the online platforms and resources.

You will need to re-register for this academic year, and your new modules. Planning in lots of time to complete the Enrolment & Registration wizard will be worthwhile. 

Need support?

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2. University Expectations and Useful Advice

Preparation is key!

Remind yourself of the student handbooks, and check out the FAQ pages.

We are hoping that this year’s University experience will look closer to near normal, so make sure you re-familiarise yourself with on-campus life!

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3. Easy Living

Your home, your community

Consider your accommodation options: Will it be Queen's Accommodation, a private rental, or will you commute? More information can be found in the links below:

Queen's Accommodation | Advice SU advice on House Hunting | Translink (Public Transport) 

Moving into Private Accommodation

  • Check out this video on living off campus at Queen's.

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4. Equip Yourself

Being Prepared is Key

As you embark on the next stage of your student journey, it’s natural that you may feel a sense of worry about what pressures or challenges you are likely to face.

The Student Minds Team have prepared a great Transitions resource, which sets out all the key information you need to know – academically or non-academically – and transitioning across your different levels of study.

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5. Notice

Take Notice of the Things around You

Taking Notice is one of the Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing.

Why not have a walk around campus, and explore your new surroundings?

The Queen’s Quarter contains lots of hidden gems and local beauty spots!

Take a photo and tag us at #LoveQUB to show us what you’ve found.

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6. Study Spaces

Find a comfortable study space which works for you

Make sure you know how to use the facilities to get the most out of your time in-between classes and studying. At the McClay Library, these include quiet spaces, access to journals, special collections, and the famous C.S. Lewis Reading Room.

If you are a Postgraduate Student, the Graduate School has beautiful space for you to study. Set in the stunning former Lynn Library, this is the perfect setting for you to expand your ideas!

Challenges 7 to 15


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7. Canvas

Have you discovered the potential of Canvas?

Canvas is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at Queen’s. You will be spending lots of time on Canvas immersing yourself in our cutting-edge technology, accessing world-class learning resources, and engaging with your studies.

Get a head start by checking out some of its features over at the Canvas Blog for Students.

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8. Health

Planning for Your Health & Wellbeing is an Important Step

Are you registered with a GP (General Pracitioner) in Belfast? When you arrive or return to Belfast, having a GP in the local area is going to be important.

Check out our guide on registering with a local GP here.

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9. Active

Join a dance class, get involved in online classes, and try something new!

Being active is one of the “Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing”. Even a single bout of exercise or physical activity of less than ten minutes can improve your mood, and is a great way to stay healthy.

We are challenging you to try a new way to be active today!

Not sure where to start? Check out some great online workouts that can be found on the Queen’s Sport YouTube channel, including workouts such as Pilates, Yoga, and HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) videos.

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10. Love Learning

“Keep Learning” is one of the Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing!

Alongside your academic studies, increasing your knowledge and learning something new for pure enjoyment can really help with emotional wellbeing, and the possibilities are endless!

Check out our WOW Events programme for one-off taster events, like learning to crochet, take part in art sessions, and lots more!

Explore our creative side by joining a drama group, unlock your music potential by joining a choir, or check out the Students’ Union’s Clubs & Societies for ideas – they aren’t just for undergraduate students – and there’s even a Wine and Cheese Society!

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11. Love Belfast

Explore the City's social hub & where you will be living this year!

Get familiar with the city, do some sightseeing and make Belfast feel like home!

Check out this VisitBelfast webpage for information on famous attractions like: the Titanic Museum, the Linen Hall Library and Belfast Castle.

Not arrived in Belfast yet? Check out some of the virtual events they have to offer in Belfast.

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12. Events

Events can be a great way to make new friends, meet new people, or just spend some time away from studying.

You may not have had much opportunity so far to attend anything other than virtual events.

As restrictions lift, more face-to-face and in-person events will be happening and Clubs & Societies may be starting to host more in-person events!

Re-visit any plans to get involved in events that were previously on hold. It’s still not too late to sign up this year!

An image with a large white letter N, along with three students walking through the Elms Willow Walk area and looking at each other

13. Navigate

Remember where you were headed for?

Check out your new timetabled teaching venues beforehand, plan your day on campus, and think about the routes that you need to navigate.

Explore the campus guide if you need to.

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14. Give

Small acts of kindness are always appreciated!

Even the smallest acts of kindness could mean the world to someone and help your own sense of wellbeing.

Could you spare some time to give others?

Volunteer with the Students’ Union, become a Class Representative, a Mental Health Ambassador or a peer mentor – just a few ideas about how sharing your experiences could be an invaluable support to others.

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15. Expert Advice

We’re here to support you

Have you experienced any form of bullying, hate crime or sexual misconduct since you started university?

The University has a zero tolerance policy to any unacceptable behaviours and a specialist Report + Support Service that can help, find out more at:

Challenges 16 to 18


An image with a large white letter Y, along with a student walking through the palm house in Botanic Gardens. She is looking at the plants.

16. Your Wellbeing

Looking after your mental health is just as important as looking after your physical health

Already registered with Disability Services, but changing your course, or need your ISSA reviewed? Don’t hesitate to contact Disability Services at to arrange a review of your supports.

Feeling anxious about resuming studies in September, or settling in again after a break?

Contact the Student Wellbeing Service to discuss your concerns.

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17. Offers & Options

Is there anything more satisfying than securing a bargain on that treat you've been wishing for?!

Was there something you wanted to explore or check out but just haven’t got around to it yet?

University services such as the Learning Development Service aren’t just for Level 1 students, and there are a whole range of dedicated services and offerings for Postgraduate students too!

Now could be the perfect time to do some research hunting and buying technology to support your studies.

An image with a large white letter U, along with two students sitting at a desk reading through two books. Their background is a photo wall of the famous Harland and Wolff cranes.

18. Uni here I come!

Make it happen!

Build on previous successes and focus on moving forwards and setting personal goals and targets.

Maintaining motivation and building resilience are skills that we can all actively develop. 

Check out self-help resources and materials around positive mind-set, goal setting and SMART Goals including those available here.

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