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INTO Welcome Challenge

18 things to do - Preparing for Student Life

INTO Queen's University was founded in 2009. Our challenge sets out a number of activities you can engage in to help familiarise and re-familiarise yourself with INTO Queen's.  

Engage any time from now. The challenge is flexible, so you can begin, pause, and go back whenever suits you!

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INTO Queen's Challenges You

Whether you are a new student or a returning student, it is important to keep up-to-date on all new information related to learning at INTQueen's this year. From studying to student life, volunteering to sports, we've got the basics covered! 

Challenges 1 to 6


Students sitting in Lanyon Quad

1. Virtual Tour - Queen’s University Belfast

Know Your Campus

Get a nosey around campus - check out our Virtual Tour!

The Queen's campus is intertwined with shops, restaurants and other amenities within South Belfast, so there is plenty to see and do!

Find out more about the INTO Queen’s Study Centre.

Student writing with Queen's pen

2. Useful Advice

Life at INTO Queen's University 

Whether you are a new student or a returning student, we're committed to providing you with the best learning and student experience that we can! 

Check out our Student blogs from other students on topics like studying in Belfast, placement experiences, and transitioning to our approach to connected learning. 

Check out this video on 5 Top Tips for online learning 

To check out how Queen's will be welcoming students this year, check out our Campus Commitment plans and stay up-to-date with My Queen's.

We are also encouraging all students to download the official contact tracing app, StopCOVID NI, which has been designed by the Public Health Agency and NI Health & Social Care Trust. More information can be found on the official HSC website here:  

Download the app from:

Apple App Store | Google Play Store

Laptop on desk in Elms student accommodation

3. Easy Living

Your home, your community

Consider your accommodation options: Will it be Queen's Accommodation, a private rental, or will you commute? More information can be found in the links below:

Advice SU advice on House Hunting | Translink (Public Transport) 

Person packing suitcase with lots of jeans and t-shirts

4. Equip Yourself

Being Prepared is Key

Having a solid plan on what to bring (or bring back) to university will make life so much easier. From tea towels and laundry baskets, to lamps and slippers - creating a checklist is a great way to get started!

If you have booked your accommodation through INTO Queen’s you will receive a bedding pack and a kitchen starter pack.  If you have to quarantine you can book a 2 week meal plan through Queen’s University.  Ask for more information.

Check out this useful list on the essentials you need - pack smartly & practically.

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5. New to Cooking?

Good Food Provides Good Focus

No matter what level of skill you are in cooking, it's always great to spend time learning new recipes, tricks, and techniques. Invest in your wellbeing - a well-cooked meal provides us with a sense of accomplishment AND you get to enjoy the rewards!

Luckily Belfast is home to great supermarkets, both local and international. There is truly something for everyone.

Not sure where to begin? Check out this great guide on easy recipes!

Piggy bank with S on the image

6. Sort out your Finances

Make the most of Belfast with the lowest cost of living in the UK

Check out the best deals with banks for student accounts. Make sure you look out for the small print including charges and fees! There are some online only banks that you can register for on arrival to use for online purchases etc.

A Budget planner will keep you on track and make sure you don't go through your £££ in the first few weeks. Get in touch with Advice SU in the Students' Union if you ever need some help on money management, debt, or funding.

Challenges 7 to 15


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7. Connect with Us

The Student Wellbeing Social Media channels have lots of information on joining or coming back to Queen's

Follow our social media pages to keep up-to-date with our Wellbeing events, supports available and overall positive wellbeing content.

You can also check out our past campaigns like Mental Health Awareness Week, Wellbeing Daily Tips and University Mental Health Day!

Follow us on our InstagramTwitter, and Facebook to keep up-to-date!

You can also chat online to one of our Student Ambassadors to find out more about living and studying in Belfast. 

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8. Health is Your Wealth

Planning for Your Health & Wellbeing is an Important Step

When you arrive or return to Belfast, you will want to spend some time registering with a GP (General Practitioner). 

Depending on your level of study, and the length of time you will be staying in Belfast, you should consider registering with the University Health Centre. Check out our handy guide for information regarding the University Health Centre and how to register as a student.

We are also encouraging all students to download the contact tracing app StopCOVID NI developed by the PHA and NI Health & Social Care Trust.

More information can be found on the official HSC website here:  

Apple App Store | Google Play Store

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9. Academic Life

Brush up on your academic language, learning & studying strategies, and skills to improve your writing.

Whether you are new to university, or need a refresher - there is something for everyone!

The Learning Development Service (LDS) has some great learning resources to support your academic work and personal development. Check out their resources and get in touch if you need to book an appointment throughout your time at Queen's.

If you are a Postgraduate student, the Graduate School has some great information on academic writing, proofreading and preparing for differentiations, dissertations and other academic essentials. You can find out more information here.

City Landscape of Belfast skyline

10. Love Belfast

Explore the City's social hub and where you will be living for the year!

Get familiar with the city, do some sightseeing and make Belfast feel like home! Check out this VisitBelfast for information on famous attractions like the Titanic Museum, Linen Hall Library, City Hall and Belfast Castle. If you aren't in Belfast yet, check out some of the virtual events they have to offer in Belfast too!

Check out other students' experiences of living in Belfast, from accommodation and study, to shopping and community.

Image of McClay Exterior

11. Library Tour

Get familiar with your favourite study space

Make sure you know how to use the facilities to get the most out of your time in between classes and studying. At the McClay Library, these include quiet spaces, access to journals & special collections, and the famous C.S. Lewis Reading Room. Check out this video tour on how to make the best use of your library!

If you are a Postgraduate Student, the Graduate School has beautiful space for you to study. Set in the stunning former Lynn Library, this is the perfect setting for you to expand your ideas!

Sport club members cheering

12. Explore our Clubs and Societies

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, aspiring artist, or total newbie, the Students’ Union has a Club or Society for you!

You can find a full list on the Students' Union's website, so get browsing. Joining a Club or Society is a great way to meet new people when you start or return to Queen’s, and they’ll all be happy to have you. Why not check whether there’s an Academic Society within your Course or School as a starting point?

Queen’s International Student Society (QISS) 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Take the plunge and start your own! The SU staff team will help you every step of the way, and your idea may be eligible for funding to help get the ball rolling. You can contact us anytime on and

Clubs and Societies – join in, make friends, have fun!

Student rock-climbing in PEC

13. New Ways to Keep Active

Join a dance class, get involved in online classes, and try something new!

Being active is one of the five steps to Wellbeing. Even a single bout of exercise or physical activity of less than ten minutes can improve your mood, and is a great way to stay healthy.

We are challenging you to try a new way to be active today!

Not sure where to start? Check out some great online workouts that can be found on the Queen's Sport YouTube channel, like Pilates, Yoga, and HITT workouts. 

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14. Give a hand to your flatmate or family member

Small acts of kindness are always appreciated!

This could be as simple as taking out the bins, or doing the dishes. Helping others can create connections and can be incredibly rewarding.

Taking time to promote kindness can create a happier world, and the world can never have too much kindness.

Student running on treadmill

15. Exercise

Gym, swim, spin, climb, yoga and much, much more! 70 classes a week at the PEC.

Check out the past classes at Queen's Sport that have been offered and come along to the free 'Try it' Sessions at Queen's Sport and get active. There's something for everyone.

Set across a number of sites including the beautiful Botanic Gardens (PEC), Elms BT1, and Upper Malone, you can learn and be active across campus. 

Keep up-to-date with the classes and opening hours on the Queen's Sport website

Challenges 16 to 18


Students walking through quad with Wellbeing on Weekdays logo

16. Your Wellbeing

Looking after your mental health is just as important as looking after your physical health

Be sure to take part in our Wellbeing on Weekdays (WOW) activities. These are designed to help you Live Well, Be Well, and have a bit of craic!

The schedule will be announced in early September. Email to find out when the programme is released! 

Discover all that the Student Disability & Wellbeing Service have to offer!

Students sitting in Junction Café

17. Offers Galore

Is there anything more satisfying than securing a bargain on that treat you've been wishing for?!

Keep an eye out for student discounts when shopping, eating out and going for drinks! Lots of places in Belfast offer discounts to students.

Shopping online? Apps such as UniDays are also great for bargain-hunting and buying technology.

On the move? YLink cards are also available through Translink which gives 1/3 off train and bus fares across NI!

Students walking into Pocket Café near Queen's

18. Use Your Time Well

Discover Your Passion Through Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to connect with your community, learn new skills and develop new interests!

Community volunteering and virtual volunteering opportunities are available throughout the semester, check out these sites for opportunities:

Volunteer SU | Volunteer Now