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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page includes FAQs on/for the following:

  • Teaching, Learning, Research and Academic Life
  • Plans for teaching and learning next academic year (2021-22)
  • Teaching (Semester 2, Academic Year 2020-21)
  • Library 
  • Assessments in 2020-21
  • Outstanding 2019-20 Assessments
  • Finance & Fees
  • Disability and Wellbeing
  • Graduation
  • Research (PGR) Students
  • COVID-19 Emergency Precautionary Suspensions Student Guidance and FAQs

For all other FAQs, please visit the University's dedicated FAQ page.

Last Updated: This page was last updated on Thursday 29 July 2021.

Teaching, Learning, Research and Academic Life

Plans for next Academic Year 2021-22

Teaching (Semester 2, Academic Year 2020-21)



For information and FAQs related to the libraries at the University, please click here.


Assessments in 2020-21

Six Key Commitments to Support Student Assessments in 2020-21


1. Tailored Methods of Assessment


2. Flexibility with continuous assessment/coursework deadlines 


3. COVID-19 related exceptional circumstances process


4. Confirmation of fair outcomes, by Boards of Examiners


5. Reduction in progression requirements


6. Fee-free resits


Regulations and Academic Practice 2020-21


Outstanding 2019-20 Assessments


Finance & Fees

For information on fees, student loans and the University's Hardship Fund, please visit:


Disability and Wellbeing

For support and information for students with a disability, please visit:

For general wellbeing and mental health support, including guidance on how to register with a GP or for support if you are concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on your wellbeing, please visit:




Research (PGR) Students

Information for researchers, particularly about adaptations to research methods and ethics can be found here.

COVID-19 Emergency Precautionary Suspensions Student Guidance and FAQs

Given the current health emergency and the increase in transmission of the virus, the Vice-Chancellor has approved amendments to the Conduct Regulations. These amendments make provision for students to be suspended with immediate effect for a period of 14 days, if the University receives notice of a COVID breach by a student, from the PSNI, or if there is evidence of a significant breach of government regulation and / or Public Health Agency guidance in relation to COVID-19, on the part of a student. 

The Vice-Chancellor’s communication to all students, which outlines your responsibilities and the change to the Conduct Regulations, can be found at:

The Conduct Regulations can be found at:

In particular, regulation 7.3 makes provision for emergency precautionary suspension following a Penalty or Prohibition Notice, or evidence of significant breach of the regulations and / or guidance.

The University understands that such suspensions will result in missed classes or compulsory teaching sessions. However, it should be noted that any implications of this nature are an unfortunate consequence of the student’s breach of the Conduct Regulations.

Specific information in relation to assessments due to be completed during the period of suspension is included below.

In order to assist students navigating through this process, a set of frequently asked questions have been answered below.

For all other COVID-19 FAQs, please visit