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Arrivals Portal

This year we are asking all new and returning students, who are travelling to the University from outside the UK or Ireland, to complete Student Arrival Information.

Why do we need this information?

This is so that we can understand when you are due to arrive, whether or not you will have any unexpected delays in getting here due to the pandemic, and whether you will need support during any required periods of isolation in place at the time of your arrival.

Please only fill this in if you have / or are planning to travel to Belfast from outside of the UK or Ireland.  We understand that some of you may already be here, or you may have already agreed an arrival date with your School. Please fill in the information anyway so that we have a record of your travel plans.

What if I cannot arrive on time for teaching?

For most taught programmes teaching will start on 20 September 2021. Some do start slightly earlier but if that is you then you will have been told this already.  For research students you are normally expected to start on 20 September 2021 unless you have made a different arrangement with your School.

If you are not able to get to Belfast in time for the start of teaching your School will be in touch to confirm if they are able to support you to study remotely until you are able to travel to Belfast. We will do all we can to support students who have been delayed due to the pandemic.

If your plans subsequently change it is really important that you update your information using the link you will get once you submit your arrival information.

Once you have submitted your information you will get an email to your QUB email telling you what happens next.

Before you start……

Before you start the form you may find it useful to familiarise yourself with the UK Government isolation rules which will depend on the status of the country from what you are travelling, where you first land in the UK, and in the case of Amber countries, whether or not you are vaccinated. The University cannot provide advice on whether or not you should be isolating as the UK government is the only body authorised to give this information – which can change at short notice.

Isolation requirements

The rules will depend on where you first enter the UK – i.e. in England, in Scotland or Northern Ireland. If you arrive from a red list country in England or Scotland first before transferring to a flight to Belfast you will need to complete your managed isolation in England or Scotland. If you are amber you can transfer to Belfast but must complete any relevant periods of isolation in your own accommodation on arrival.

If your first point of entry is England,  the government's rules on isolation can be found here:

If your first point of entry is Scotland the government’s rules on isolation can be found here:
If your first point of entry is Northern Ireland (i.e. you fly directly to Belfast and do not touchdown in England or Scotland first), the government's rules on isolation can befound here:

If you are arriving into Dublin, the Irish government's rules on isolation can be found here:

Where can I get more information?

For more information on Covid-19, including the mitigations we have in place on campus, our testing facilities and how to access a vaccination please go to Covid 19 Information for Students.

For more information on preparing for study this year please go to MyQueens.

Safe travel and we look forward to see you as soon as possible.

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