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2022: Dare To Do - Create Your Own Bespoke Plan

Not sure where to begin with setting SMART goals? We've got you covered!

January 11, 2021 - January 25, 2021
Microsoft Teams
11:00 - 15:00

We get it... you have the best of intentions, you want to set yourself a target of doing something that is not only realistic, but is achievable. You want something that you aren't going to forget about in a few days or weeks - you want long-term change.

Sometimes, we need some assistance with that; chatting it through with someone else not only helps with your own self-accountability, but it also ensures that you can co-create a plan which you know is achievable, and designed around your individual needs and priorities. 

Register for one of our appointments to speak to one of the team from the Student Wellbeing Service, and we will help you to discuss your plan for 2022, and how you can work towards achieving your goals.

These sessions are really informal, so you don't need to prepare a huge amount in advance. Just write down a goal that you are thinking about working towards, and we will help guide you to co-create a plan for the months ahead.

Please note there are various appointments available on weeks commencing 10th January, 17th January and 24th January. Please see Eventbrite page for all available slots.

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