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Queen's Accommodation

 Under current UK Government guidelines, you will stay in quarantine for 10 days. Set out below is information which explains more about your quarantine period. Please note the Government guidelines are updated on a regular basis therefore any change to this information will be explained to you.

 Watch our video below to outline the information you need to know about self-isolation in Queen's Accommodation:

1. Cleaning and Hygiene

Your Bedroom

  • Your bedroom has been hygienically cleaned including all touch points and surfaces.
  • There is an Initial supply of hand soap/anti-bacterial cleaner/cloth/ gloves provided to clean your bedroom and en suite shower room.

Public Areas

  • Queen’s staff carry out regular cleaning of public areas in all accommodation locations
  • Dedicated cleaning staff will ensure that all touch points in public areas are cleaned regularly for your safety


2. WiFi (included in the accommodation charge)

  • The WiFi in your bedroom provides 200Mb WiFi.
  • There is dedicated 250Mb wired connection useful for large downloads and on line gaming.
  • To connect to the WiFi, open a browser, for example, Google Chrome. The internet provider is called Ask4, their home page will open automatically where you create an account. More information about Ask4 is contained on the USB Stick in your room


3. USB Stick is provided in your bedroom

Please open this, it is virus free and it is for you to keep. There is enough memory for it to be used for your own purposes during the year. The documents contained on the stick includes important information about:

  • Residential Life team, how they can help you and how to contact them
  • Living in Queen’s Accommodation handbooks which tells you almost everything you need to know about staying here
  • Important Fire Safety and Health and Safety information, available several languages to help you understand
  • Information on getting to campus and how to find other support services and social areas including libraries, coffee shops and restaurants.


4. If you have chosen to live in Queen’s Accommodation for all of the academic year, please read the following

  • 10 days quarantine in single bedroom at no charge, if you are a new student arriving to commence studies on campus
  • Meals will be provided for first 2 days, if you are a new student arriving to commence studies on campus
  • Meal-deal package can be bought for the quarantine period at price of £210 (see Pt 7 below).
  • If you prefer to cook, information on how to order on line for groceries or meals delivered from local restaurants in Belfast is detailed at the bottom of this page.
  • In each en suite bedroom:
    • 1) Packs which are charged to student account;
      • Bedding pack £35 (your bed has been made),
      • kitchen pack £35which you will need if cooking (for contents see below)
      • if ordering both £60.00 Single/£70.00 double
      • Towels pack £20
    • 2) A stationery pack is provided at no charge.


5. If you are not staying in Queen’s Accommodation for all the academic year, please read the following:

  • 10 days quarantine in single bedroom is charged at:
    • Room Only, £200, includes linen and towels, beds are made for your arrival
    • Meals will be provided for first 2 days if you are a new student arriving to commence studies on campus
  • If you do not order catering and want to cook, you will need to buy a kitchen pack (£35)* and it is yours to take with you when they leave after 10 days.
  • A stationery pack is provided at no charge.


* Kitchen pack contains:

1 x Ceramic Dinner Plate, Side Plate, Cereal Bowl, Mug, Glass

1 x Table Knife (Please note: in the UK, knife is not included in packs for under 18’s)

1 x Table Fork, Dessert Spoon, Teaspoon

1 x Medium Saucepan and Lid,  Small Frying Pan, 1 x Cooking Utensil Set

1 x Can Opener, Oven Tray, Drying Towel

1 x Vegetable Knife (Please note: in the UK, knife is not included in packs for students under the age of 18)


6. In your shared Kitchen

  • Tea and coffee is available at no charge at all times during quarantine.
  • The cold tap-water in the kitchen is safe to drink.
  • Kitchens are fully equipped with cookers, microwaves, fridge/freezers, rice cookers and large screen TV
  • There is an anti-bacterial cleaning pack of materials provided in each kitchen for students to clean after cooking.



7. Meal Deal from Queen’s

  • All students in quarantine are provided with meals for the first 2 days at no charge if you are a new student arriving to commence studies on campus even if not purchasing the meals for the whole quarantine period from Queen’s.
  • Students can choose to purchase a meal-deal for the quarantine period, the cost is £15 per day. This includes:
    • 3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, packed together for each student
    • All meals will contain food, drinks and snacks; there will be a variety of meals which will change each day
    • A minimum of one meal each day will be hot; you can decide when to eat the meals and the main hot meal is to be heated in your kitchen microwave oven.
    • Meals will be delivered to your accommodation for each day for storage in the fridge supplied in the kitchen; this will ensure the food is kept fresh and nutritious.

In addition, Campus Food and Drink will provide a range of food/products to support students self-isolating in Queen’s Accommodation; more detail about meals, costs and how to order is HERE.


8. For all international students in quarantine,

The Residential Life team will provide support in settling into quarantine; they will:

  • contact you and provide opportunities to meet other students on line
  • encourage you to take part in social events on line
  • explain how safe distancing can be successful in your accommodation and the kitchen
  • explain how to order on line for delivery of groceries/takeaway restaurant meals if that is your choice.


9. Online ordering for meals or provisions:

TESCO Supermarket  To order, go onto the website, register as a new customer, choose a delivery time slot, choose items and place them in your ‘shopping basket’ and proceed to the online checkout.  You will have to pay with credit/debit card. When the delivery arrives to your door they will ring your door bell or phone you.


Delivery Meals from local restaurants:        

Many local restaurants and cafes offer a delivery service; the delivery companies above are most popular by our students. Enter the postcode of your accommodation on the website/app and view the food options available and how long the delivery will take to arrive. You will have to pay with credit/debit card. It will be delivered to your door, they will ring the doorbell to the apartment or phone your mobile.


10. Post/Parcels

Students will not be able to collect post from Reception, some students will be expecting letter post that will need to get in order to open a bank account.(BRP Card)  These letters and any essential parcels will be delivered to the students by staff.


11. Rubbish/BT9

All recycling and rubbish is to be brought outside to their main front entrance before 12 noon.


12. Sim Card

All students in Quarantine rooms will be provided with a sim card so they can make calls for deliveries etc.


13. Money / Debit Cards

You may wish to have access to funds to complete your 10-day quarantine. This will be especially important if you are placing online orders for groceries or buying food online. Most will not accept cash payments. We would strongly encourage contactless payments where possible and limiting the amount of physical cash you have access to at any given time.

We would encourage you to consider how you will make online payments in advance of your arrival. Although you will be able to open a Bank Account after your 10-day quarantine, you may wish to consider alternative options. These may include:

  • PayPal
  • Monzo
  • Revolut
  • Caxton

It may be worth having access to pre-loaded payment cards to make online payments and deliveries easier. Please factor in additional time for your account to set-up and for your card to arrive (where applicable). 

Check out this handy guide on Banking Options, prepared by the International Student Support team.

 Banking Options


14. Your Healthcare & Registering with a General Practitioner (GP)

It is important that you sign up for a GP for your health and if you ever feel ill. Information on how to register with the practice for GP services depends on a number of factors including; citizenship, immigration status (if relevant); including how long you will be spending in Belfast.

For information on how to register with the University Health Centre, please visit our handy guide here

The International Student Support Team have also prepared a Health & Healthcare section for international students, which explains how the UK healthcare systems work, and information on GP, dentists, opticians and documents you will need to register with a Health Centre. 

Registering with the University Health Centre International Student Guide to Health & Healthcare


15. Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Information

For information on collecting your BRP, please visit International Student Support's website here:

BRP Information

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