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Study Well, Be Well: Summative Assessment Support Programme

Art Therapy

Put down the pens & pick up the colouring pencils! Take a break and get creative with our free mindful colouring packs.

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April 19, 2021 - June 4, 2021
09:00 - 17:00

Update: Due to popular demand, unfortunately all of our packs have now been collected!

Did you know that using the creative parts of your brain help you to see things in a new light, which will directly help your academic studies?  

It’s important that we all take short, regular breaks to help maintain our concentration, motivation, and ability to recall and retain information.  

Taking 5 or 10 minutes to focus on something different – and fun – will break up the routine of studying and give you something to concentrate on.  

Don’t know where to begin? Our free mindful colouring packs come with drawings and colouring pencils for you to get started – but you can also Do It Yourself with any sort of materials – get creative! 


You can also send us photographs of your creations via our social media – Follow us on our InstagramTwitter, and Facebook or you can also upload your photographs here. 

Have any questions? Contact us below at  

This event is being ran as part of the Study Well, Be Well Summative Assessment Support Programme. To view the full programme, please click here.

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