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Campus Community Pledge

Queen’s University Belfast – Campus Community Pledge 2021-22

During this global Covid-19 pandemic the health and safety of our staff and students has been and will continue to be of paramount importance. The University has already and shall continue to put in place appropriate measures, in line with advice from the Public Health Agency (PHA), to help us safely engage with others, move around, and study on campus.

However, for these measures to be effective, we all must play our part.

We ask everyone at the University to commit to the Campus Community Pledge and in doing so behave in line with our core values ICARE (Integrity; Connected; Ambition; Respect and Excellence). 

It is even more important than ever that we all remain connected to each other. We also have an important civic role to play in ensuring the health and safety of our wider community. It is up to each of us to conscientiously do our part.

We must also ensure that we behave with integrity and treat each other with respect ensuring that we adhere to public health guidance.

  • I accept the role that I have to play in making sure that the areas in which we live, work, and study are as safe as they can be. I note that this pledge sits alongside other University policies including, but not limited to, the Student Charter and that I have a duty to help create an environment where we all feel respected and one which is safe to study and live.
  • I will follow the University and Public Health Agency guidance related to reducing the spread of Covid-19. I will follow all guidance including the need to wash my hands regularly, observe face covering requirements, respect physical distancing, especially in social gatherings, and if able downloading the StopCovidNI proximity app. I understand that guidance is likely to change regularly so I will take personal responsibility for ensuring I am up to date with the latest information.
  • I understand that by doing so, I will be protecting myself, my family, and friends and colleagues as well as protecting the wellbeing of others on campus.
  • By following University and Public Health Agency guidance, I will show understanding and respect to others within and around the campus community including other students, staff, my neighbours, and all of those who work on campus. I recognise that I may not know the individual personal circumstances and concerns of others (especially those with hidden disabilities and/or underlying health conditions) and I therefore commit to being respectful of others at all times, and acknowledge my role in helping others feel safe.
  • If I experience COVID symptoms I will follow Public Health Agency guidance to self-isolate and I will get a COVID test as necessary. If I test positive for Covid-19 or have COVID symptoms, I will report these according to the processes established within the University. If relevant, I agree to the Public Health Agency and Public Health authorities sharing my COVID test results confidentially with the University COVID response team to aid the University’s response.
  • If I am challenged about my behaviour I will respond in an open, positive, and respectful manner – listening carefully to understand the concern, and changing my behaviour to remove it. I understand and accept that wilfully and repeatedly breaching University guidance could lead to me being subject to disciplinary processes, which initially starts as advice and guidance about my behaviour.

For further information, please see the University information on Covid-19. This page includes links to where you can get further current advice and guidance.