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Getting Ready for Campus


This information is relevant whether you are new to Queen’s, are a returning student, or are a student who has been with us for some time, but not yet travelled to campus. It will be updated throughout the summer, but does not replace official information you will receive, including information from the Admissions Service in relation to your offer, or your School in relation to your programme next year.

This page contains information on: (Click on the below links to take you directly to this section)

Last Updated: This page was last updated on Monday 13 September 2021.


Next Year - Teaching Arrangements 


Arrival & Preparation


Communication from the University


COVID-19 Vaccination Arrangements

Given the changing nature of the pandemic, these commitments are subject to the guidelines that may be in place at the time. For example, if restrictions are increased/eased in the future then facilities and services may not be delivered as described.