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Online registration and abstract submission will open on 1 November 2017.

Sophie Vanhulle Prize

About OxiZymes

The purpose of the meeting is to stimulate scientific research on the mode of action of oxidoreductases and their application in food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for industrial researchers to meet with foremost young academics for knowledge transfer and to establish research collaborations. The conference format is designed to be highly interactive, with ample time for stimulating discussions, interdisciplinary interactions, and meetings alongside the scientific sessions.

OxiZymes Belfast will cover the following topics:

1)      Discovery and Characterisation of Oxizymes

2)      Novel approaches to Oxizyme development

3)      Application of Oxizymes: food, biorefinery, fine chemicals, and more.

4)      Oxizymes and synthetic biology

5)      Oxizymes in the biosphere

6)      Sophie Vanhulle Prize 2018