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Postdoc Life Series: Internal Funding Schemes

This information session designed for postdocs and research staff will highlight some of the internal funding schemes they are eligible to apply for: the Research and Innovation Conference Fund, the Engaged Research Seed Fund, and the Agility Fund.

Past Event

January 25, 2023
12:00 - 13:00

Overview of this session

In line with Queen's work on Research Culture, internal funding schemes have recently been streamlined, and the application criteria has been widened to all staff involved in research. This now includes postdocs and research staff, where previously only academic staff could apply. For research staff, these small pots of money with straightforward applications are a great way to write their first proposals, build a track-record of applying and securing funding, and receiving the budget required to bring some of their ideas to life and develop their career and CV. The internal funding schemes presented at this session fund a large range of activities, including presenting at conferences, organising public engagement activities, meeting potential collaborators, generating preliminary data for a fellowship application and training etc.

While the content is tailored to research staff, it is also relevant to others and everyone is welcome to attend.


  • Chris Browne, Senior Research Strategy and Policy Manager, will provide a short overview of the Research and Innovation Conference Fund, including an explanation of the guidance and criteria and application/funding process. This will touch on the rationale for having this Fund, why we want to promote conference attendance, and how we expect it will benefit the broader research culture and quality.
  • James Dillon, Senior Research Impact and Engagement Manager, will provide an overview of the Engaged Research Seed Fund, outlining the eligibility and application procedure. James will provide some examples of funded projects and will describe the importance of these activities in the engagement and impact landscape, and the professional development of research colleagues.
  • Patricia McCrory, member of the Research Development Team, will discuss the Agility Fund, which is an internal funding allocation that aims to provide a steady source of internal support for research and innovation activities. Patricia will provide an overview of the Agility Fund, the support available and the application process.

Find out about our facilitators below.

The 'Postdoc Life' series

The 'Postdoc Life' series of information sessions aims at highlighting some of the internal and sector developments and initiatives to postdocs and research staff, in order to help them better understand and navigate their direct (Queen's) and wider (UK Research and Innovation sector) environment.

Sessions will be organised approximately once per month, and future topics will include personal development and recognition in higher education teaching, export control and governance, open research, narrative CVs, quality outputs and citations etc.

All postdocs and research staff can suggest future topics by contacting the PDC (


Chris Browne

Chris Browne is Senior Research Strategy and Policy Manager in the Research and Enterprise Directorate at Queen's University Belfast. He jointly heads up the Research Strategy and Engagement Team, which includes amongst other responsibilities, programme management of the University’s Research and Innovation Strategy.

James Dillon

James is Senior Research Impact and Engagement Manager in the Research and Enterprise Directorate at Queen's. He jointly heads up the Research Strategy and Engagement Team. James manages a team that provides support for research impact and engagement activities across the university.

As the Senior Research Impact and Engagement Manager James's role, and that of the wider team, is to provide support for researchers in identifying potential impact, developing clear evidence for established impact, and supporting public engagement and communication in relation to the University’s research engagement commitments.

Patricia McCrory

Patricia is a member of the Research Development Team at the Research and Enterprise Directorate, Queen's University Belfast. She is the EU and International Research Development Manager for the School of Nursing and Midwifery, and the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences.

Patricia works with colleagues in the Research and Enterprise Directorate to ensure successful delivery of the Agility Fund.


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