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Growing Up in the Market

In partnership with the Market community in South Belfast, we are carrying out a qualitative longitudinal study called ‘Growing up in the Market’.

The study will follow children, young people, and their families over three years to understand better the persistent challenges identified by our partner community such as declining educational and employment opportunities, widening inequalities related to mental health and wellbeing and other harmful consequences connected with disadvantage and inequality. While the study is anchored within young people’s choices around education at specific transition points from childhood to young adulthood, we use a place-based approach to find a range of possibilities that might work more effectively to find solutions to local challenges than previous approaches. 'Growing up in the Market' is a core pillar of QCAP’s integrated research approach to enhance understanding of the enduring nature of place-based social disadvantage in order to design, deliver and evaluate sustainable change to local economic, social and environmental challenges.


Below is a Growing Up in The Market summary document which details some of the emerging evidence from the interviews carried out in Year One of the project.

Please click here or on the picture link below to access the report:

The Markets