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Our Commitments

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The lived experiences of young people, together with research evidence from our broader programmes of work in the community, will help us think progressively about how we can make better use of potential evidence-based interventions for positive change. Through partnership working and participatory action research, we hope to capture feedback on possible solutions in real time, so that if we can identify interventions for positive change, these can happen more quickly. We then seek to test the model in other sites across Northern Ireland, expanding into other urban, small town and rural settings to explore the transferability, sensitivity and suitability of our approach. Our overarching aim is that we create a more durable model of community and place-based working tailored to the communities we work with, to bring long lasting change.


Aims & objectives

Our community development work is aligned with a specified list of research and ethical commitments. We are determined to maintain these commitments throughout the evolution of QCAP, particularly as we develop new community partnerships. Our commitments can be clarified under the three objectives outlined below:

To work in partnership with communities on place-based initiatives to improve outcomes for children and young people;

To develop community wealth and the solidarity economy;

To make innovation in science and technology accessible, inclusive and affordable.

Actions & processes

We will deliver these commitments through a range of actions and processes. These will be operationalised within all three of our research strands, as well as in our additional research and practice programmes. We are determined to supporting the following actions:

  • Participatory Research
  • Authenticity in our Actions
  • Equality, Respect and Justice
  • Challenging Boundaries
  • Education for transformative change
  • Evidence informed next practice
  • Valuing Lived Experience