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QUBGP Clinical Facilitator (CF)


Clinical Facilitator (CF)

This role has been introduced for 20-21.

The purpose of the Clinical Facilitator is to enhance the learning experience for 4th and 5th year medical students placed in General Practice during Covid19 Pandemic.

Consultations in primary care are being delivered differently as we all know, with less opportunity for face to face consulting.

We have used the large video resource of consultations (Virtual Primary Care VPC) taken from the TV series “GPs: Behind Closed Doors” alongside  Clinical Case Based discussions.

Students on 4th year placement had 3 Wednesday afternoon ZOOM sessions with the CF leading the group, whilst those in final year placed in GP had 2 Wednesday afternoon ZOOM sessions

Thanks to all the Clinical Facilitators who participated. The students hugely enjoyed the learning experience.
At present we do not know if this option will run in 21-22 academic year.