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Year 4 - CCTV/GP Specialty

Year 4

General Practice

Due to Covid19,  these placements  will be delivered differently in 20-21.

Year 4 20-21 GP Tutor guide final


Click on the link to see and hear what students think about their 4th year attachment

GPs nurturing the next generation of doctors

Scope: This attachment is the first time that students get experience of the full range of work within primary care. The three week clinical placement is preceded by two days preparatory learning at QUB.  Students have further QUB co-ordinated small and large group teaching on Wednesday PMs and the Friday of week 1.  They undertake a formative consolidation/assessment day on the final Friday of the attachment, in which they explore some of their learning with experienced GP educators and their peers. This placement offers a unique and crucial opportunity for one-to-one (or occasionally one-to-two) learning with a GP tutor. Students are exposed to central tenets of general practice, including patient-centred care, uncertainty, undifferentiated illness and approaches to consulting. Through this experience, they begin to develop an appreciation of differences in primary and secondary healthcare delivery and of their future role (as foundation doctors) in navigating the interface to maximise patient care.

Activities: The main focus is on observing experienced doctors consult and then undertaking supported consultations in the ‘hot seat’. Students will also spend time gaining experience of the multidisciplinary team, undertaking tutorials with their GP tutor, and completing some workplace based assessments. Students must complete a satisfactory eportfolio (‘the elogbook’) and participate fully in the end-of-module consolidation day to progress.

Dr Helen Reid PhD MPhil MRCGP | Clinical Lecturer (General Practice) 
Centre for Medical Education | Queen’s University Belfast
Email: | Usual academic hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday| Clinical Practice: Tuesday, Thursday

Year 4


Role GP Practice Tutor
No. Of Students 2-3 Students
Duration Several Friday PM Sessions throughout the Year
Timetabling October to April

The CCTV programme will be delivered virtually in 20-21.

CCTV GP Tutor Handbook 2020-2021

Click on the link to see a video guide to the new CCTV programme

Password is COVID19

There will be  3 “drop in” ZOOM for CCTV orientation sessions on Tuesday 6th October, Thursday 8th October, Friday 9th October at 1pm.

You will all receive an email from QUB admin team. This email will include the two student names and email addresses.

I would ask that when you email the students with their zoom invitation that you bcc both student names and cc me

What is CCTV?

CCTV has been a fantastic experience for our medical students to date. Active patient involvement allows students to develop and enhance effective consulting skills, interviewing skills and clinical reasoning skills. This rich learning opportunity allows students to appreciate and understand the principles of chronic disease management in the community setting. The student also gets to consider how the patient should be managed e.g. health promotion, investigations and the writing of prescriptions.

Scope of CCTV

Before the covid pandemic began, students were allocated in groups of 2-3 to General Practitioners in the Greater Belfast Area. Due to advances and opportunities in technology, this has now been extended to include all GP Tutors across NI.

Zoom Platform to replace CCTV

As you are aware, the equipment used for Year 4 CCTV teaching has become dated and, at times, difficult to maintain, repair and replace.  The Centre for Medical Education (CME) has been investigating alternative methods for the delivery of CCTV teaching.  Due to COVID-19, online teaching has been successfully introduced across many specialties through a range of platforms.

CCTV Feedback Form


CCTV Tutors Evaluation