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Year 5 - GP Placement/GP Assistantship

Year 5

GP Placement

Year 5 GP Placements in C25 (starting academic year 24-25)

As tutors, you know best where the learning opportunities lie in practice, and how to tap into them without impacting service delivery too much, whilst giving the students an in-depth, impactful learning experience and preparing them for being a doctor. We are seeking your suggestions and ideas on C25 year 5 placements. Click here to complete the Tutor survey

We held an information session for Practice Managers on Friday 10th November 2023. You can view the recording at this LINK. (Password same as for all videos on this website and for GPNI videos)

The presentation is available here PM update year 5 C25

What is Year 5 GP?  

All students are assigned 2 x 2-week blocks in practice. This attachment builds on their experience gained in Y4 GP. Unlike Y4 time with other members of the practice team is not required and the focus is on getting students direct patient contact by whatever means are available.

GP and student feedback have been particularly positive when two students are placed in the same practice together. This allows for peer learning and support.

Contact with QUB is only on one Friday morning for a 1-hour Zoom session during the first two-week block and the second two-week block. The first session is on chronic pain (facilitated by an Expert patient recruited by the charity Versus Arthritis) and the second session is on Safeguarding children. The students should be in practice these days. 

There is no formal assessment of this course. The attendance/assessment form should be completed at the end of the student placement. Assessment Form

Below is the link to the guide

Year 5 GP Tutor and student guide 2023-24



Year 5

GP Assistantship

As a consequence of Covid19, this placement has been modified. Please read the documents below for more details:

GP Assistantship Information for Students

General Practice Attachment Guide

Assistantship 2021 - Audit Flowchart

Assistantship 2021 - Audit Proforma

IDD Guidelines for Discharge Summaries

IDD Audit 2020 Report

Year 5 eLogBook

Scope: Ensuring our graduating medical students are prepared for clinical practice is a key challenge for medical schools and is at the forefront of the minds of students at the point of transition from medical student to junior doctor.

Whilst Foundation doctors practice primarily in the hospital setting, their actions impact across the much broader context of the entire patient journey. There is much evidence about the difficulties and misunderstandings that can arise between primary and secondary care clinicians at the interface, which can adversely influence patient care. Foundation doctors are involved in the preparation and completion of medical discharge letters, which are the principal method of communication  to  primary care  about new diagnoses, changes in medication and the need for on-going follow-up in the community.

Set within a 9-week predominantly hospital-based Assistantship the GP Assistantship gives the students the opportunity to consider their role and develop the skills that will help them to optimise the experience and safety of the patient at the transition from hospital to home.

Activities: Review of discharge letters, medicines reconciliation, Patient Journey narratives, Consultation Skills.

On the last day of the GP Assistantship week, the students meet as a group/cluster of approximately 8 with a GP acting as facilitator.

Scope: The students reflect on the GP Assistantship to maximise educational value of the learning opportunities in respect of Primary/Secondary Care interfaces, transitions of care across interfaces and the Patient Journey narratives.