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Do you need a CP2A for your QUB role?

If you are involved in teaching or examining QUB medical students, whether in Gp practice or at QUB, you require a CP2A for that role

To obtain your CP2A, we ask you to complete the  short form at the link below. It should take less than 5 minutes

Self review form for CP2A

A CP2A will be emailed to you personally to cover any QUB teaching/examining role in academic year 19-20.

This is the form you require for appraisal in this current university academic year (1 Sept 2020-31 Aug2021) as the forms are issued retrospectively.

If you are due to be appraised before 31st August 2021, and are new to teaching/examining in academic year 20-21 you also need to complete this form.

If you have any questions or other feedback for QUBGP then please email