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QUB GP Society

QUB GP Society

Calling all GPs! Why not come along and inspire the next generation of GPs?

QUB GP Society would love volunteer guest speakers, podcast guests and volunteers for mock OSCE events throughout the academic year.

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You will get a flavour of some of their activites below

Despite the Pandemic, 20/21 was an extremely busy year for the Society as you can see below 

2020/21 Activities and Events

QUB GP Society ran a wide range of unique and diverse events facilitated virtually using Zoom. These events were in line with the aims of the Society – to promote General Practice as a career amongst Medical Students and to support Students academically during their time at University.

Semester 1

  • 7/9/20: Year 2 History Taking Masterclass
  • 14/9/20: Year 2 Virtual Mock OSCEs
  • 16/9/20: Year 3 Virtual Mock OSCEs
  • 21/9/20: Year 4 Virtual Mock OSCEs
  • 23/9/20: Year 5 Virtual Mock OSCEs
  • 20/10/20: GPs With Special Interests – Dr Richard Kirk (Healthcare in Prisons), Dr Mark McCrory (Sport Medicine) and Dr Nigel Ruddell (NIAS)
  • 23/10/20: Dear Colleague: Men’s Health
  • 19/11/20: A Career in General Practice – Dr Alan Stout (GP Partner and BMA NI GP Committee Chair) and Dr Paula Houton (GP Academic Trainee)
  • 25/11/20: Paediatric Presentations to General Practice – Dr Ursula Mason and Dr Emmylou Large
  • 26/11/20: Dear Colleague: Men’s Health
  • 15/12/20: ACE Your OSCEs – delivered in collaboration with Foundation Year 2 Doctors

Semester 2

  • 19/1/21: Dear Colleague: Alcohol Dependency / Addiction
  • 25/1/21: QUB GP Society – Local Heat of RCGP ROI Clinical Case Competition
  • 22/2/21: ACE Your OSCEs 2 delivered in collaboration with Foundation Year 2 Doctors
  • 25/2/21: Dear Colleague: Perinatal Mental Health (collaboration with QUB Midwifery Society)
  • 11/3/21: Dermatology in Skin of Colour (collaboration with QUB Derm Soc) – Dr David Middleton
  • 15/3/21: Dear Colleague: Parkinson’s Disease
  • 17/4/21: Formative OSCEs Year 1 (collaboration with QUB Scrubs)
  • 18/4/21: Formative OSCEs Year 2 (collaboration with QUB Scrubs)
  • 20/4/21: Sleeping Well with Professor Gerry Gormley
  • 15/5/21: Formative OSCEs Year 3 (collaboration with QUB Scrubs)
  • 16/5/21: Formative OSCEs Year 4 (collaboration with QUB Scrubs)

Additional meetings were held throughout the year on an ad-hoc basis with RCGP Northern Ireland, Devolved Nations and Republic of Ireland, BMA Northern Ireland and the Primary Care Sub-deanery.

The Society also launched their own Podcast, ‘Common Conditions in General Practice’. These short, bitesize, revision-style podcasts are “for Medical Students, by Medical Students”. Different members of the Committee covered topics such as Hypertension, Asthma and Chronic Kidney Disease. The Podcast was a much-appreciated resource by students at QUB and far beyond, attracting over 7,500 unique streams.   

In a drive to promote collaborative learning, the Society worked alongside Professor Gerry Gormley to develop a unique online learning opportunity (‘Dear Colleague’) for health professions students to explore how primary/secondary care works together to promote person-centred care. In these facilitated sessions, students interacted with GPs and Secondary Care Specialists on topics such as Lupus, Men’s Health and Perinatal Mental Health. At the heart of these conversations were ‘expert patients’ who shared insights about their illness. The sessions created a safe learning space to allow for discussions not normally afforded in training. Evaluatory data overwhelming evidenced the benefits students experienced, ultimately paving the way for better patient care in clinical practice. The Society would be keen to develop this initiative further moving forward.

The Society was represented by Davog McCaffrey at the AUDGPI Annual Scientific Conference and by Radhika Gulati and Jane Bailie at the INHED Conference. Davog also presented on behalf of the Society on the ‘Dear Colleague’ initiative at the ASME Summer Conference. Posters were presented by the Society at the Interrobang and RCGP Spring Conference. QUB GP Society ran the local heat of the RCGP ROI Clinical Case Presentation Competition and reached the Final, represented by Michelle Ryan and Katharina Schack.

Society members gained two publications in ‘Education for Primary Care’ on innovative virtual teaching methods – using Instagram for MCQs and Virtual Mock OSCEs held via Zoom.

  • Gulati RR, Reid H, Gill M. Instagram for peer teaching: opportunity and challenge. Educ Prim Care. 2020 Nov;31(6):382-384. doi: 10.1080/14739879.2020.1811163. Epub 2020 Aug 23. PMID: 32900286.
  • Gulati RR, McCaffrey D, Bailie J, Warnock E. Virtually prepared! Student-led online clinical assessment. Educ Prim Care. 2021 Jul;32(4):245-246. doi: 10.1080/14739879.2021.1908173. Epub 2021 Apr 10. PMID: 33843480.

Overall, 20/21 was a very successful year for QUB GP Society despite disruption of in-person events due to Covid-19. Online events (both academic and GP-related) were highly received and gained additional attention from QUB medical students as well as from students in external universities – across the UK, Ireland and indeed Europe. More than 2,500 attendees engaged with events throughout the year.

The Society’s work was recognised when we won the ‘Innovative Online Activities’ Award at the SU Awards.

We plan to continue to grow and develop our Society in 2021/22. As restrictions ease, we hope to be able to offer a tri-brid model for events – with students able to attend in person or join virtually (as for Medical Students on clinical placement throughout the province, the ability to join remotely is much appreciated) or catch-up with event recordings.

Crucial to the growth of our Society is continued relationship building with external organisations – for example, the Royal College of General Practitioners, the British Medical Association and GP Federations. The launch of the All-Island Undergraduate GP Medical Group in the coming academic year offers additional opportunities for cross-border collaboration with other institutions. As Davog McCaffrey from QUB will hold the inaugural chairmanship, there may be the opportunity to consider hosting an All-Ireland Undergraduate GP Careers Conference in Belfast.

QUB GP Society would like to thank the Academic GP Team at Queen’s, RCGP Northern Ireland, BMA Northern Ireland, the Primary Care Sub-deanery and all those who have worked along with us for their ongoing help and support. Your enthusiasm, encouragement, and desire to help the next generation in turn allows us to best support our members and ensure we can build a strong General Practice workforce in Northern Ireland moving into the future.


What We Do

QUB GP Society is a vibrant and enthusiastic group of Undergraduate Medical Students at Queen’s University, Belfast. Our aims are two-fold - firstly, to encourage General Practice as a career amongst Medical Students at QUB and beyond, and secondly, to support the academic and educational needs of Medical Students during their time at University. In recent times, thankfully we have been able to embrace the virtual world and create innovative solutions to help us continue to achieve both aims. 



Our Podcast, ‘Common Conditions in General Practice’ have been hugely popular. These short, bitesize, revision-style podcasts are “for Medical Students, by Medical Students”. Different members of our Committee have already covered a range of clinical topics. You can check out the Podcast on:


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