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Surveying Decision Making ( Strand 2):

We are conducting an online survey, as part of a joint research project involving the Institute of Governance , Queens University Belfast, and the Policy Institute, Trinity College Dublin. These surveys comprise ‘Strand Two’ as described on the ‘Project Summery Page’.

The survey aims to map and assess the use of public involvement techniques in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland . This would help us to determine which involvement techniques are being used and how often, and to find out to what extent both statutory organisations and practitioners are satisfied with public involvement. The practice is widespread and demanding, but researchers know relatively little about what it involves and how beneficial it is.


Please be assured that any information received will be kept completely confidential and that no organisation or individual will be identified at any stage within the research or write up process. We only ask for these details in the first instance to ensure the provenance of the data we collect. We would like to express our best wishes and our thanks to all participants. Click here for a Glossary of terms.

We appreciate that you are very busy and have many demands on your time, but we would be sincerely grateful if your organisation could participate. The surveys are complex and may take up to an hour to complete. You can click on the links below to complete the survey online or to download a .pdf version which you can print. Due to the length and complex nature of the survey you may find it easier to print off the .pdf version and fill it in. This will allow you to consult other members of you organisation if necessary. We would ask you to then complete the online for using your hard copy as reference.



[Click here to complete the NGO survey online]

[Click here to download the NGO survey as a form (.pdf) to complete offline]


[Click here to complete the Public Body survey online]

[Click here to download the Public Body survey as a form (.pdf) to complete offline]

If you have any quiries or concerns please contact us at richerdecisionmaking@qub.ac.uk

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