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Spatial Audio


Spatial Audio spans the gap between scientific research into spatial hearing and the sonic arts engaged with space. Our focus is on creative and practical applications of spatial audio while employing methodologies from computer science, acoustics, hearing science and signal processing. Supported by the unique resources of the SARC Sonic Lab, a core area of interest is multi-loudspeaker reproduction. From higher-order ambisonics to novel DSP, we seek to expand the palette of the audio engineer and the creative artist. This palette contains tools and techniques for the simulation and auralisation of acoustic spaces, the perceptual control of spatial imagery and the idioms of spatial cognition in artistic practice. By directing our research toward the problems of real-world applications, we aim to produce work that expands the role and possibilities of spatial audio.

Staff Involved:
Professor Michael Alcorn

Dr Maarten van Walstijn


PhD students involved: