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Belfast City Innovation

Who are we

Belfast City Council is the largest council in Northern Ireland and serves around 333,000 residents.  The council’s City Innovation Team was launched in 2017, led by City Innovation Manager Deborah Colville. 

What do we do

Belfast City Council’s City Innovation Team manages the Smart Belfast programme which harnesses digital innovation to contribute to the council’s priorities for city growth, economic recovery, climate change and its new Bolder Vision strategy for Belfast which aims to create a more attractive, accessible, safe and vibrant city.

Our plans to develop a Belfast Smart District in Belfast city centre will enable businesses, universities, government and citizens to work better together and rapidly develop and trial innovative solutions that directly address the city’s urban challenges such as healthy living, mobility and climate change.

More information on the Smart Belfast programme is available at 

Our role within SPACE

Belfast City Council has a range of experience developing and supporting urban healthy living projects which align with the SPACE project including a Homes for Healthy Ageing testbed in the Markets areas of Belfast which trialled innovative technologies to tackle isolation and loneliness in older people.

We are keen to support and co-create the most relevant policy-based evidence and solutions for the promotion of cognitive health and healthy ageing. We want to ensure transfer of learning, support and alignment between the Smart Belfast programme and SPACE project.

We also have access to relevant data sets, such as environmental health and air quality data, to provide rich insights for the project. 

Why are we excited to be part of SPACE

The SPACE project complements the council’s Smart Belfast programme and our ambitions to create a Smart Healthy Neighbourhood within the city. This is a great opportunity to work with Queen’s University and a range of other stakeholders to share learning and apply the latest research in healthy ageing to our projects and plans going forward.