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Administrative Fundamentals - Effective Note Taking

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Designed for:

Clerical and Administrative support staff


Note taking is an important skill for Administrative support staff to improve as part of their overall ‘communication toolkit’.  From simple jottings to short hand and digital notes, there are lots of resources and methods to choose from.  Meetings require anything from a formal precise record, key points or a table of actions. Regardless of the mechanism, the notes taken are relied upon as a record of communication, commitments and understanding and can help to produce effective and consistent minutes when required.


Duration: half day


This workshop reviews the needs and circumstances of notetaking.  It is linked to minute writing with a focus on the art of taking notes. It can also apply to attending a lecture, meeting, learning event or taking an important and detailed phone call; but the focus here is the taking notes in a meeting. Effective Minute Writing is a related but separate workshop.

Learning Outcomes

  • Different forms of notes
  • Understanding the meeting objectives and notes needed
  • Concentration, coping with digression, distractions and interruptions
  • Time line for writing up minutes
  • Layouts, format and principles
  • Action planning


Aims/Aimed at

This flexible range of learning courses is designed for staff in clerical and administrative support roles and will be offered 2-3 times each year.  Discuss your learning priorities, and agree with your line manager, the most appropriate sessions to support you in your role and to meet your development needs.

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Name: Organisational Development
Telephone: 5381
New Course: Yes
Course Type(s): Administrative Skills, Communication Skills
Staff Categories: Clerical and Library Assistants
Keywords: effective note taking meeting concentration layouts action planning Administrative Fundamentals