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Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture

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2019/20 Dates:

To be confirmed.



To be confirmed.



• Queen’s and China

• Basic Chinese history and geography

• Essential Chinese Cultural Concepts:

      o Good and bad numbers

      o What’s in a name and job title?

      o Understanding the Chinese logic in expressing time and space

• Basic Chinese for Phatic Communication:

      o Pronunciation

      o Greetings

      o Expressing appreciation

      o Addressing a person

      o Making acquaintance

      o Receiving and welcoming visitors

      o Ordering food and drink

      o Proposing a toast

      o Saying goodbye and farewells

• Chinese business culture and protocol:

      o Chinese Cultural Awareness Quiz

(Content subject to changes upon request)

Aims/Aimed at

This course is aimed at anyone with an interest in learning about the Chinese Language and culture.

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