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Learning for All - Collaborative Teams

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Creating excellent teams and delivering effective teamwork can be challenging.  Our work environments, operating in fast paced and ever changing contexts, may be perceived as encouraging individuals to work on personal goals.  Individual planning and review of performance can also lead to a personal focus on achievements.  This workshop will encourage you to look beyond an individual focus on achievement in the workplace and examine how highly collaborative teams can drive new insights into work problems, offer support and achieve more when performing effectively.


You will develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of team working, alongside an appreciation of the deliberate efforts required to develop effective teams.  You will consider the common characteristics of an effective team member and the barriers encountered by teams when trying to work in a successfully cohesive manner.  You will have the opportunity to reflect on the strengths you bring to the teams you work in and identify areas for personal development, sources of support and actions plans to address the same.

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All Staff

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Name: Organisational Development
Telephone: 5381
New Course: Yes
Course Type(s): Administrative Skills, Communication Skills, Personal and Career Development
Staff Categories: All Staff
Keywords: Collaborative, Collaboration, Teams, Creating, Learning for All