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Developing for Success: Emotional Intelligence and Leading Others

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Mid-level managers/leaders and professional specialists in both academic (Grade AC2 and above) and professional support staff groups (Academic related grade 7 and above).



Dealing with emotions at work can be very challenging.  If you have a responsibility for managing and leading others, developing skills such as understanding how others react to challenges, showing empathy, and dealing with difficult situations can be beneficial.  This course will help you gain insight into understanding your own personal impact as a leader and how to use the most appropriate leadership style for the situation.  Key areas to be addressed include:

  • Using appropriate personal tools to increase self awareness
  • Understand your own leadership style and personal effectiveness in maintaining successful workplace relationships
  • Appreciate how emotional response to events may influence behaviours and how to best manage that
  • Acquiring strategies for handling emotions in self and others
  • Developing understanding and using techniques to deal with difficult conversations and situations
  • Using emotional intelligence to bring out the best in others

Aims/Aimed at


To develop target audience in the core Queen's behaviour of leading and managing others through self awareness and maintaining successful workplace relationships.

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New Course: No
Course Type(s): Leadership, Management and Supervisory
Staff Categories: Academic, Academic Related
Keywords: Management, Leadership, Relationships, Self Awareness, Empathy, Potential, Confidence, Motivation

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Name: Organisational Development
Telephone: 5350/5381