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Developing for Success: Managing Performance Effectively

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3 May 2018


9.15 am - 1.15 pm


Designed for:

Mid-level managers/leaders and professional specialists in both academic (Grade AC2 and above) and professional support staff groups (Academic related grade 7 and above).

This interactive workshop may help staff develop skills to:

  • set clear expectations for others;
  • effectively plan and allocate work to realise objectives according to the strengths of others;
  • support and develop others to realise their full potential;
  • monitor performance effectively;
  • recognise and acknowledge good performance and take clear actions to address ineffective individual performance. 


Aims/Aimed at

The aim of this course is to develop staff in the core Queen’s behaviour of managing and leading others through effective performance management.  A confident Queen's manager/leader can secure buy in and engagement of others by creating a positive and inclusive work environment, and promoting a positive approach to performance by focusing on performance over process.



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New Course: No
Course Type(s): Leadership, Management and Supervisory
Staff Categories: Academic, Academic Related
Keywords: Leadership, Management, Performance, Feedback, Objectives, Action, Reward, Behaviour, Engagement, Positive, Strengths, Development Areas

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Name: Organisational Development
Telephone: 5381