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Collaboration is more than the icing on the research cake; it now lies at the heart of the research model for the 21st Century. Individual researchers wishing to build successful careers need to connect with, and impress, a broad network of professional colleagues.

Projects no longer solely operate under the traditional model of a single researcher or group and draw upon a range of partners from the subjects, institutions and sectors required to answer bigger and more far-reaching questions.

This 2 day course looks at the building blocks of the collaborative style of research: inclusive communication, cultural awareness, robust planning, negotiation and the ability to work effectively with others. Whether your collaboration is with another academic in your department, or partners from different subjects, sectors and countries, it helps you to develop winning strategies for connecting and working with others.

What does it involve?

The course is attended by researchers from different disciplines and career stages. It is led by a team of experienced facilitators who work with participants throughout the 2 days to support their learning. This course takes a ‘learning by doing' approach. There will be presentations on collaboration theory, but for the most part, you will be actively participating in the sessions and activities.

What's in it for you?

This course offers you the opportunity to: explore collaboration both in theory and in practice; work with a team of experienced facilitators from a range of career backgrounds, who will ensure you get the most out of the 2 days; meet researchers from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds and career stages; develop your understanding of collaboration theory and how to apply it in practice; take a few days out from your research both physically and mentally, and have some space in which to consider yourself and your next steps.

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