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Transitioning Beyond Academia

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This programme is for research staff interested in exploring career options beyond academia. Leaving an academic research career path can be daunting and overwhelming. This programme is aimed at providing you with the knowledge, skills and support you need to initiate this transition. It will include:

  • Workshops on the topics: Designing Your Career, Non-academic CV and Non-academic interview.
  • Taster sessions on: Personal Branding, Developing Ideas for the Market, and Business Creation and Development.
  • Talks and panel discussions by industry experts from a variety of different areas.
  •  One-to-one mentorship with assigned non-academic mentors.
  •  An employer speed networking event.



By the end of the programme, you will:

  • Have achieved greater clarity on your skills, strengths and what you want out from your career and why it is important.
  • Be able to identify suitable career options and developed an understanding on what employers are looking for.
  • Identify transferable academic skills and be able to translate them onto non-academic jobs.
  • Be able to describe the main steps for starting own business and main elements on how to brand yourself and/or your business.
  • Apply the rules of non-academic CV writing to prepare and adapt your CV to different jobs.
  • Apply non-academic interview techniques learnt in the programme in a mock interview and beyond.



Please note that you will need to commit to all the five sessions in the programme, and your supervisor or line manager must agree your participation.



There are only 16 places available, booked on first come first served basis. Please note that in the event of the programme being oversubscribed, the supporting information you provide in the Application form will be used by Organisational Development to prioritise selection. Organisational Development reserves the right to make the final selection of participants to ensure a balance of Faculties and Schools.


Programme dates and outline

Session 1: Starting to Navigate the Transition

Date/time: 26/02/2018 (9.30 – 1pm).

The purpose of this session is to provide a solid basis to enable you to take the first steps in your transition. Therefore, the contents will include elements on Designing your Career, Personal Branding and taster sessions on Developing Ideas for the Market and Business Creation and Development.


Session 2: Non-academic Career Pathways for post docs

Date/time: 12/03/2018 (9.30 – 1pm).

This session is aimed at creating an awareness on the range of non-academic careers available to you with a focus on how to transfer the high skills you developed in academia to non-academic environments. There will be presentations made by invited speakers from a variety of different backgrounds, a panel discussion and continuation of the taster sessions initiated in session 1.


Session 3: Meet the mentor and start preparing to get the job you want

Date/time: 11/04 (9.30 – 1pm).

In Session 3 you will be introduced to our cohort of non-industry mentors and attend workshops on writing Non-academic CVs and interview preparation.


Session 4: Mock Interview

Date/time: 25 and 26/04/2018 (commitment required only in one of these two dates and only for one (individually scheduled) hour.

You will attend a half-hour interview and receive feedback from the interview panel on your performance afterwards.


Session 5: Employer network event

Date/time: 03/05/2018 (9.30 – 1pm).

This Session will start with a panel discussion on a relevant themes and conclude with an employer network event.


To register for this programme, please complete the attached application found via the link below.

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Completed application forms should be completed and e-mailed to Lilian Simones ( by 4.30pm on Monday 5 February 2018

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Keywords: Transitioning Beyond Academia

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