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Networking and Profile Building for Researchers

Event Description

As a researcher you need to learn how to promote yourself and build up a network around your research. The people you present to and discuss your research with will usually be those who work in research areas close to yours, but as you become more confident you may engage with less expert audiences.  This learning programme provides knowledge of and practical opportunities to consider your approach to networking and building collaborations


The programme is a collaboration between the universities listed and participants will have the opportunity to network, online, with researchers from Queen’s University Belfast, Queen Mary University London, University of Cambridge, King’s College London, University of Nottingham, Imperial College London, University of Glasgow, and University of Cardiff.


The sessions are designed to be complementary, and you are encouraged and will benefit most by attending all as a series, however each session must be registered for separately.  You can also register for individual sessions, based on your needs and interests.


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Session 1: Introduction to the principles of networking

This session will enable you to:

  • Define networking - what it is and isn’t and why it’s important for a range of contexts.
  • Map your existing network and reflect on how it is functioning.
  • Identify gaps in your network and plan how to fill them.
  • Connect with other participants during and between sessions.

University of Cambridge and King's College London

 28th Jan

10:00 12:00

Session 2: Building confidence to network and taking first steps.

This session connects to session 1 and will help you delve a little further into developing methods of networking which are comfortable for you. During the session you will meet a range of experienced “networking regulars” drawn from the partner Universities and their networks. This session will enable you to:

  • Self-assess and build increased confidence in developing and using networking for career development.
  • Identify barriers to networking and employ strategies to overcome these.
  • Evaluate the range of networking options/ practices which suit extraverts and those which suit introverts.
  • Reflect how this safe space was used at the event to develop or boost your network.

University of Nottingham and University of Cardiff

 3rd Feb 

14:00 15:30

Session 3: Networking Session

During the networking session you will meet with researchers from all the other universities participating in the Networking and Profile Building initiative.  This will be facilitated online through Kumospace .  Come along and chat with other researchers and find out about their research and universities.  The participating universities are: Cambridge, King’s College London, Nottingham, Cardiff, QMUL, Queen’s, Leeds, Glasgow and King’s College London.

University of Nottingham and Queen Mary University of London

7th Feb

13:00 14:00

Session 4: Collaboration & Partnering

Collaboration and partnering have become an expectation in many facets of the research endeavour. Whether it involves collaborating within or beyond your academic discipline or through partnering with non-academic organisations, academics are expected to form productive networking connections to further their research goals.  In this session we will help you assess the value of collaboration and partnering for your career and help you evaluate your collaboration/partnering potential, learning practical ways to help you arrive at concrete next steps to forming these connections.

  • What is research collaboration and some examples/case studies.
  • How to begin a research collaboration and manage the collaboration.
  • Panel discussion – Queen’s University Belfast and Queen Mary University London staff to discuss their experience of research collaboration.
  • Planning next steps in developing networks and potential collaborations.

Queen’s University Belfast


Queen Mary University of London

15th Feb

10:00 11:30

Session 4: Social media for networking (Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • This session will explore how online networking can support your networking goals.
  • We will help you review and improve your online profile, going in depth on making best use of Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • We’ll discuss strategies to make the most of your time and resources and this session will give you a handy peer group to get you off to a flying start!

University of Leeds, University of Glasgow and King's College London

22nd Feb

10:00 11:30


Aims/Aimed at

Postdoctoral Researchers

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