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Personal Development Review (PDR) Skills for Reviewers

Event Description



A short, practical workshop for staff of all categories who have the role of PDR Reviewer and wish to develop effective skills.  This event is designed to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Focus the thinking of participants on the purpose of PDR, the expectations of PDR conversations and benefits for both Reviewer and Reviewee
  • Emphasise that meaningful, positive and ongoing conversations are the key to a successful PDR approach
  • Develop practical skills to take part in PDR conversations as a Reviewer
  • Develop confidence and practical skills to participate in effective PDR conversations with Reviewees
  • To adopt a coaching style for these conversations

Please note:

  • These workshops are designed to develop skills for PDR conversations
  • Reviewers and Reviewees are encouraged to read the PDR policy, guidance and FAQs before attending the course
  • Participants should seek further advice from their line manager if there are specific issues relating to PDR or Academic Progression as these may not be addressed during these skills sessions
  • PDR Skills Development workshops are facilitated by an external learning partner organisation: ThinkPeople Consulting;
  • Participants will be provided with additional resources during these sessions.


22 March - 09:30 to 13:00 - Delivered online

Aims/Aimed at

A short, practical workshop for staff of all categories who have the role of PDR Reviewer.

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Name: Organisational Development
New Course: Yes
Course Type(s): Human Resources/Personnel Events
Staff Categories: All Staff
Keywords: PDR, Personal development review, review, reviewer, appraisal, appraiser