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Unconscious Bias

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e-learning Course for Staff: Unconscious Bias

An e-learning course for staff was launched on 13 March 2017 to support equality, diversity and inclusion in Queen’s. 

The topic of this course is Unconscious Bias, which is an important concept for all staff to be aware of in our work roles and interactions with colleagues and students. 

Queen’s has a range of policies, procedures and other support in place to ensure equality for staff and to encourage a diverse and inclusive environment.  There has been an excellent completion rate for the core Diversity e-learning module for staff for some years.

This additional course will complement core knowledge about Diversity and extend staff knowledge and awareness about Unconscious Bias and how this could impact everyone at Queen’s – from interviews to appraisals to decision making and in everyday conversations. 

Developed in partnership with Skill Boosters and with input from Pearn Kandola (Inclusive Learning experts), it uses videos and a range of relevant learning scenarios.  This topic has been covered in a workshop for the Senior Management Group and was delivered for Senate in Spring 2017.  This mandatory course comprises two modules, each taking approximately 20 -30 minutes and requires the completion of an assessment at the end.  Upon successful completion, each member of staff will have their training record automatically updated. 

All staff are required to undertake this e-learning module as soon as possible and it can be accessed via Queen’s Online

  • Services/Other/Online Courses
  • General Courses (including mandatory courses for staff)

Early completion is encouraged and co-operation of all staff is appreciated.


Unconscious Bias explained:

We have inherent views and cultural influences that can potentially lead to implicit or unconscious bias in our interactions with others.  It is helpful to understand how this could potentially affect the actions or decisions we make without us even realising it.

Most people wish to ensure that everyone is treated fairly; most people also recognise that generally, we all want to do the right thing and that we all accept fundamental equality principles, but there are times when our unconscious mind can affect our decisions or actions.

Bias can occur in all aspects of our interactions with others, particularly when working in a fast-paced or pressurised environment or if we become complacent and do not challenge eachother or ourselves.


The e learning will help to:

• Understand that we are all ‘hard-wired’ at times in our interactions with other people;

• Develop practical methods to address Unconscious Bias, such as avoiding making quick judgements or slowing a process down to ensure bias is not influencing our choices;

• Understand situations where Unconscious Bias can have an impact such as decision-making, communicating with others, recruitment, development and in leadership, management or supervisory roles.

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Name: Organisational Development
Telephone: 5381
New Course: Yes
Course Type(s): Equality and Diversity
Staff Categories: All Staff
Keywords: Unconscious, Bias