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What is SWOT

This academic year marks Students Working Overseas Trust’s (SWOT) 35th Anniversary; it is a remarkable milestone and celebration marking the work and funds our charity has raised. To date we anticipate that over £1m has been raised in that time.

SWOT is a charity which was initially established in Ireland 35 years ago and run by 4th year medical and dental students. However it is now exclusively run by QUB. Our aim is to raise money for Third World hospitals where our 4th year students spend their summer elective; the money goes directly to the hospital accounts or to buy medical equipment. We as students are humbled to see at first-hand how the money is used and the vital work it allows to be done.  This year we have 2 aims:

1)      To raise the profile of SWOT in QUB and the wider community
2)      To raise a target of £50,000


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