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Technicians Supporting the Covid-19 Testing Efforts

Throughout the pandemic technical from across the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences have supported the QUB Covid-19 response by helping to produce buffer solution on campus which is vital for Covid-19 testing facilities in Northern Ireland.

Technicians making buffer covid19
Technical Staff Preparing Buffer

Technical staff have supported the QUB Covid-19 response throughout the pandemic by producing batches of L6 lysis buffer for the Covid-19 testing facilities in Northern Ireland. To date the Technical Team involved have supplied over 40 litres which is enough buffer for 80, 000 tests. 

The team consists of Technical staff from a number of Facilities and includes Pauline Erwin and Judit Barabas from the Genomics CTU, Lukasz Borowiecki and Katrina O'connor from the School of Biology and Kirsty McLaughlin from the Patrick G Johnston Centre for Cancer Research, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences. 

The team started making the Lysis buffer during lockdown because extreme shortages in reagent supply was affecting the ability to scale up testing. 

'We are very happy to work in the beautiful new Biology building and do our bit to help in the Covid-19 crisis. Technicians making it happen!' Kirsty McLaughlin