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The Bridge

The Bridge

A fully immersive online learning environment

The Bridge brings the convenience of learning from anywhere to the quality of a lecture theatre at Queen’s. The environment allows participants from all over the world to participate in discussions, interact using polls, and collect learning materials with persistent online file storage. The Bridge was installed by the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, but can be used by any Queen's staff and is available for hire to businesses and organisations.

PHOTO: Dr. Dan Corbett
"The Bridge provides a state of the art platform that not only allows me to bring remote participants into the location in an exceptionally immersive way, but it also offers functionality that isn't commonly available within current room settings, providing a host of advantages to all participants, whether in-room, or on the other side of the planet." Dr. Dan Corbett
Lecturer of Education in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


 Using the latest web protocols to ensure a smooth and interruption-free virtual lecture

"The workshop worked well and the technology was easy to use and well received" Caroline Dobson
Academic Skills Consultant, The Graduate School
The Bridge's massive 4k screen

The most striking feature of The Bridge is the impressive 4K screen that allows the lecturer to be face-to-face with up to 64 remote users at once. The size of the screen ensures that all individuals who connect remotely get the experience of learning from the front row of the classroom.

Cutting-edge RTC technology ensures that remote participants can speak up in class with no audio delay, giving participants the real-world experience that is usually difficult to achieve with online video collaboration.

Participants can connect using a wide variety of devices and they never need to download or upgrade any­­ software as the full functionality is accessible from Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers.

The Bridge at Queen’s is a hybrid environment that combines a traditional, physical lecture theatre with real-time video collaboration. The virtual environment mimics the traditional classroom by allowing students to work in groups, virtually raise their hands and stay and talk to classmates in the virtual room after class has ended.

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