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30/01/2023: In-person lecture - St Brigid's Shoe: A religious statement made in 1710

Our next lecture will be on Monday 30th January and given by Cormac Bourke - St Brigid's Shoe: A religious statement made in 1710

The subject of this lecture is a metal shoe in the National Museum of Ireland known (but only since 1923) as the shrine of St Brigid’s shoe. Acquired by George Petrie at Loughrea, Co Galway, c. 1840, it has been understood by all commentators to be of either 15th-, 16th- or 17th-century date. In fact it dates wholly to the early 18th century and can be shown to be representative of that context. Inscriptions on the shoe refer to contemporary devotions and religious causes.
Cormac Bourke specialises in the study of early ecclesiastical metalwork and is honorary editor of the Ulster Journal of Archaeology. His book 'The Early Medieval Hand-Bells of Ireland and Britain' was published in Dublin in 2020.
This lecture will take place in-person in the Elmwood Building, Queen's University Belfast (on Elmwood Avenue).

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