Participant SSO (Single sign-on) ensures that only people within your organization can join your Vevox session.  When joining the session they will have to log in using their normal credentials same as when logging into your organization's environment.

When enabled you can specify that anyone in your organization can join or you can further restrict it by specifying only specific people or groups of people.

Setting up authentication in a session 

With participant SSO enabled in your account you will see an extra option appear in your identification settings menu.

number-steps_1_15x15.png Within your session open the settings menu.

number-steps_2_15x15.png Go to the Identification tab.

number-steps_3_15x15.png Make sure the session is set to Identified.


Currently it is only possible to have an authenticated session when the identification setting is ON.  It is not possible to have fully anonymous sessions when participants use authentication.

number-steps_4_15x15.png Turn on SAML SSO authentication


The default setting is for everyone in your organization to be able to join the session.

You can leave this as it is or you can remove 'Everyone' and enter in the email addresses of specific individuals you would like to give access to.  You can only specify the email address of people within your organization to join the session.  External email addresses will not work.

You can paste in multiple email addresses at a time, just make sure they are separated by a space or a comma.

It is also possible to invite groups of people rather than individual email addresses.  This is something that can be configured by your Account Admin.  When this is set up the groups available will be listed as options here.