In this article we cover:

  • Using the 9 digit Session ID
  • Using the QR code
  • How to disable the QR code
  • Can you remove the Session ID?

Once your session has been created you are ready to invite people to join.  

There are two ways participants can join your session. They can either join your session 

  • Using a 9 digit Session ID, or 
  • Using a QR code 

There are a couple of ways how you can communicate this to your participants. 

Option 1: Using the 9 digit Session ID to invite participants 

Before the session 

number-steps_1_15x15 Go to your sessions list in your dashboard. 

number-steps_2_15x15 Select the correct session card for your session and press the 'more options' (or three dots) icon. Alternatively hover over the actual session card. It will bring up the option to view the session or invite participants. 

number-steps_3_15x15 Select 'Invite participants'. A pop-up with session details will appear. 

number-steps_4_15x15 Select Copy’ and press the close option. 

number-steps_5_15x15 Your invitation details showing your 9 digit Session ID is now copied to your clipboard. 

number-steps_6_15x15 You can now paste this information in your calendar to send the meeting invite, paste it in WhatsApp, send it via email, send an SMS, or use any other electronic platform you wish. 


Or you can also find the Session Invitation details when you go to the session information panel in the top middle of your screen when using the drop-down arrow.


During the session

When you launch Present view the joining instructions automatically appear on the left side of the display.

They will remain here permanently so that any latecomers to your session can always see how to join the Vevox app and participate.


 Participants now need to:

number-steps_1_15x15 Open the Vevox app or the web client at on their devices.

number-steps_2_15x15 Enter the 9 digit Session ID.

number-steps_3_15x15 And press 'Join'.  


Option 2: Using QR code to invite participants  

To make it as easy as possible for your participants to join your Vevox session we also have a QR code in the Present view.  Participants can use the camera on their mobile devices to scan the QR code and automatically join the session. This feature is on by default. The QR code can be used for live or online events. Turn_on_QR_code___enlarge

At any time, you can click on the QR code in Present view to enlarge it, so participants in the room can use their phones and scan it with their camera. Click again to reduce the size of the OR code.

The QR code will display on the left side of Present view together with the standard joining instructions. Once participants have scanned the QR code, a link will automatically open up on their mobile devices taking them directly to the welcome screen for the session. 

If you are using the PowerPoint add-in to present to your audience or you would like to send the QR link to participants before the meeting:
  • Insert an instruction slide at the beginning of your slide deck
  • A slide with the joining steps will automatically appear in your presentation
  • Add this QR code to your Word, PowerPoint, email, WhatsApp, or messages.

To disable the QR code for your session: 

number-steps_1_15x15 Select the 'Settings' menu in the main navigation bar. 

number-steps_2_15x15 Select the 'Features' tab at the top.

number-steps_3_15x15 Toggle the 'Show QR code' setting off. 

number-steps_4_15x15 Press 'Save'.  


Can you remove the Session ID? 

Yes you can remove the website URL or the Session ID. There is a toggle in the present view options to stop it from appearing. Go to your session in the sessions list. Select the more options (three dots) on your session card, and go to the features tab. In the middle of the pop-up you can toggle the 'Show joining instructions' to off.