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Identifying Participants


In this article we cover the different participant identification options:

  • Having your participants stay anonymous
  • Having your participants identified
    • Show names
    • Hide names
    • Participants choice

When creating your Vevox session the default identification setting is 'Anonymous' meaning all activity by your participants in the session is completely anonymous.

If you would like to know who your participants are, you can change this setting to 'Identified'.  When selecting 'Identified', participants are prompted to enter their name when they join the session in the App.  In identified sessions we offer some further options around the visibility of a participants identity when using the Q&A feature.

Choose between the different participant identification options

  1. Anonymous - for sessions with or without passcode protection. Participants will always be completely anonymous in this mode, even in the data reporting. 
  2. Identified - Participants will be prompted to enter their name when joining a session.  All live polling and survey responses will be tied to the participant and visible in the data report.  With Q&A there are three settings you can use for how you want to treat your participants identity.
    • Show Names - Participants are identifiable on the Q&A board to all other participants.  The participant name will always appear alongside any messages they post to the Q&A board.When you want to see your participant names in the Q&A board and the data reporting, make sure your Identification setting has selected 'Identified' and then 'Show names'.
    • Hide names - Participant names are hidden from public view on the Q&A board.  Participants are not anonymous.  They will still be identifiable in the data report to the session organizer but will not be shown publicly to other participants. When you want to hide your participant names in the Q&A board but have it available in the data reporting, make sure your Identification setting has selected 'Identified' and then 'Hide names'.
    • Participants choice - This gives the option to your participants as to whether they want to be visible or anonymous.  When posting to the Q&A board they can choose to post with their name attached to their message or they can choose to post anonymously.  When giving your participants this choice be aware, when posting anonymously the participant is truly anonymous.  Their messages will appear as anonymous in the data reports.

      When selecting the 'Participant Choice option',  a participant that joins the Vevox session will need to enter their name.  A choice will appear when typing a message giving the participant the option of being identified or anonymous when posting their question or comment. 


  • Important note for hosts: It is recommended that you set the correct identification method before beginning your session.  Switching between anonymous and identified sessions will disconnect your participants from the session meaning they must rejoin.  If you are using an identified session, it is possible to change between the Q&A profile visibility options at any time during the session without your participants having to rejoin.
  • Participants can see their identification settings at any time by selecting the hamburger button on the home screen. If they press on the word 'Profile' their identification settings will be revealed.
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